Dynamics 365 (Customer
Relationship Management)

An integrated platform to provide the best customer experience

Go beyond just maintaining your customer relationship

Customer Relationship Management is something intangible yet can be managed well with the help of technology. To improve how you interact and do business with your customers, Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides you an integrated and data-driven platform for you to access all information at your fingertips. Manage your customers, track engagements and sales, deliver quality services – all in one place. 

Automate your salesforce

  • Record all information with regards to your client, including information of other decision makers for a 360-degree view of your lead 
  • Able to upload differential pricing and assign to different customers based on the category they are in  
  • Easily generate quotes and invoices  
  • Keep track of sales performance all the way from lead generation to closing clients 
  • Personalized graphical dashboards for you to visualize data, monitor tasks and make strategic decisions  
  • Sales manager can have a clear overview of the sales situation and act upon any issues surfaced 

Easier work done for onsite service crew

  • No more manual journal writing and recording 
  • Auto lock-in time serviced and get digital signature from clients for accurate record keeping and fast invoicing from back office 
  • GPS location tracking is available to deploy the nearest serviceman to the client office  
  • Upload before and after pictures for clearer record and evidence of service 
  • Able to refer to both history of service and knowledge database for more information to resolve the issue 
  • Easily drag and drop to assign time slots to servicemen for their work

Always provide quality customer service

  • Detailed and accurate information are recorded in the system for future references 
  • Quick look-up in the system for all information required (including history of services)  
  • Save time, manpower, and cost while servicing clients  
  • Access information (knowledge database) quickly to resolve the issue 
  • Collects data and provide trends on services provided for clearer view about the business 

Automate your project management

  • Deliver projects on-time, on-budget with high quality with Dynamics 365  
  • Always get the right people with the right skills on board based on searchable manpower database 
  • Coordinate among members with smart project planning 
  • Keep track of time spent on project to bill customers accurately 
  • Intelligent project timeline and chart can be generated to provide estimation of project timeline for budget tracking and billing  

What makes Dynamics 365 stands out from the crowd?

Dynamics 365 is not just your typical CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool. It is not a system for you to merely enter data just to keep a digital record. Dynamics 365 is an integrated platform for you to store knowledge and information with regards to both your customers and your company.  

A 360-degree view involves both your clients and your current business situation. With Dynamics 365, you have a full view of your client all the way from getting the sales, quotation, invoices, to service provided. You also get an overall view of your business when it comes to how things are going, and which areas need to be further looked into 

With information being shared among different personnel and departments, they turn into smart data and analytics which includes Artificial Intelligence which can provide suggestions on actions to be taken next.  

Dynamics 365 can be used as an entire platform as a whole or by per module basis – depending on what was required by your business. It is best to have a free consultation with us as we demonstrate the system and explain how it can be applied to your business. Don’t hesitate to fill up the form below, all knowledge is free and no obligations at all.  

Web Masters is your CRM expert

Being a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have worked with Microsoft suite of products for 20 years. We have implemented multiple projects and we understand each industry thoroughly. Each business has their unique operations and what we do is to apply our knowledge about the system and merge it together with what we suggest is the best for your company.  

Our experts come from different background and all of them are certified professionals by Microsoft. With our expertise and experience, we know exactly which business process can be improved, what are the gaps that need to be closed, which areas can be automated and how to help you save cost and manpower.  

It is not enough to simply read about Dynamics 365 – you need to experience how it works yourself, and see how it can be applied to your business process and elevate your business. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us by filling the form below for free demo and consultation. No obligations required! 

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