Business Central

Grow beyond the limits of your basic accounting software

The all-in-one business management solution

What is Microsoft Dynamics Business Central?

Business Central is the latest addition to the Microsoft Dynamics family.  To suit the modern businesses better, Microsoft introduces Business Central for companies to easily navigate every part of their daily operations. 

Manage your financials to make informed decisions

  • Connect data across accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory, and customer interactions  
  • Able to get full view of the entire business  
  • Streamline accounts receivables and payables 
  • Automatically reconcile accounts to close  
  • Quick and accurate financial reports  
  • Model and analyze data across multiple dimensions to refine financial forecasts  
  • Seamless Microsoft Excel integration  

Improve customer service with Business Central

  • Deliver value at every touch-point with customers  
  • Keep track of all customer interactions  
  • Receive guidance to the best upsell, cross-sell and renewal opportunities throughout your sales cycle  
  • Helps you prioritize sales leads based on revenue potential  
  • Your sales can deliver exceptional services when they can have a comprehensive overview of their service tasks, workload, and employee skills  
  • Able to effectively assign resources and accelerate case resolution when cases are matched with employee’s skills

Automate supply chain with security

  • Built-in intelligence can tell you when and what to replenish  
  • Optimize and predict your inventory 
  • Maintain right amount of inventory with system automatically calculating stock levels, lead times and reorder points 
  • Helps you reduce shortages and avoid lost sales 
  • Able to suggest substitutes when requested items are out of stock  
  • Use system to recommend when to pay vendors to use vendor discounts or avoid overdue penalties  
  • Can prevent unnecessary or fraudulent purchases through approval workflow

Keep your projects on time on budget

  • Create, manage, and track customer projects   
  • Make use of timesheets with advanced job costing and reporting capabilities 
  • Develop, modify and control budgets to ensure project profitability   
  • Easily manage your resource levels by planning capacity and sales  
  • Track invoicing for customers against planned costs on orders and quotes  
  • Able to make effective decisions using real-time insights about project status, profitability, and resource-usage metrics  
  • With insights, you can also have the data to analyze project performance

Take advantage to optimize your operations

  • Automatically generate production plans and create purchase orders  
  • Sales forecast and expected stock-outs are available in Business Central 
  • Able to get holistic view of inventory for a more efficient order fulfilment  
  • Track every item transaction and movement  
  • Set up bins based on warehouse layout and storage unit dimensions 
  • Helps you improve production schedules and better meet customers’ demands 
  • Able to calculate and optimize manufacturing capacity and resources  

Why Web Masters?

Business Central is the latest ERP solution released by Microsoft. As Microsoft certified experts, we possess the know-how when it comes to thoroughly understanding the system and how it works.

But we don’t just stop there – we have implemented for various industries to understand fully how each and every business operates. Even if two companies are in the same industry, they may have different procedures here and there.

To be able to fully understand such business operations and map it into the system, is why you need to engage Web Masters to help you migrate/upgrade to Business Central. With 60+ certified professionals and 20+ years of experience in the Microsoft ERP arena, we provide valuable knowledge on how to make use of an IT system to better your business, instead of just selling you a software and let you manage on your own.

Don’t hesitate to ask for a consultation or a simple demo. Feel free to contact us!

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