LS One for Retail

LS One is one such powerful retail POS (Point of Sale ) system and back-office software that fulfills all the needs of retail businesses. Using LS One for retail, you can manage the inventory, conduct promotions, study reports, and much more. 

LS One for retail POS is an ideal solution for businesses that are looking for a package where they get all the essential retail functionalities. It is designed in such a way that it fits retailers of all sizes and enables a retailer to run an omnichannel business. 

LS one for retail supports various retail types such as electronics, fashion stores, furniture stores, duty-free stores, coffee shops, restaurants, and more.

It has a gentle learning curve; it can be easily set up and learned in no time. From LS One back-office solution, you can easily manage the items, configure different aspects, and integrate it with ERP and e-commerce platforms to extend the overall functionality.

Why LS One

Mobile POS with inventory management from mobile devices
Omni-channel solution
Powerful inventory management
Real-time sync between LS One POS and ERP
Open-source architecture to customize the retail POS software
Multi-lingual Retail Point of Sale System

Types of Licensing

LS One for retail offers two types of licenses, and you can select the preferable one according to:

  • The structure of the business
  • The budget of retail business
  • The size of your company and the number of stores
Perpetual License
Getting a perpetual license is suitable in the long run. In this case, you can choose to host the LS One master database on-premises or on a remote server.
Subscription License
In this case, LS One for Retail is hosted on the cloud, and one has to use it as a pay-as-you-go service.

Web Masters offers both the license types and assures you with the best service for both deployment of on-premises set up and hosting your data securely.

LS One Point of Sale (POS)

The primary aim of the LS One POS system for retail is to sell more with lesser efforts. LS One for Retail POS is an easy to use point of sale software with a facility to customize the POS screen layout.

LS One for Retail POS supports searching items by name, barcode, or image. One can complete the sale, put the transaction on hold, and recall it in just a few keystrokes.
Barcode Scanning
The cashier doesn’t need to manually input the details of an item to add it to the cart. He can do it by simply scanning the item barcode. LS One for Retail Point of Sale provides this functionality for gift cards and credit memos as well. Just by scanning them, the points are added to the cart.
Loyalty Point Management
Using LS One for Retail POS Software, you can configure and conduct the issuance of loyalty cards. Through a loyalty card, a user can make redemption of his loyalty points.
Multiple Payment Methods
The LS One for Retail POS System offers the possibility of accepting payments through cash, gift cards, credit cards, debit cards, etc. The customer can even pay in multiple currencies. There is also an option for allowing transactions through more than one payment method for a single purchase.
Having Control over Permissions
Using the LS one for Retail Point of Sale, a store manager can alter the permissions. He can keep the access of some of the functionalities to himself. This can assure governance on all the retail operations.
Customizable POS
The LS One for Retail POS system lets the user change its layout and frond-end as per his needs and ease. One can even change its color according to the brand to align the system with other branding elements. The LS One POS buttons can be customized as per the need. Further, one can even create buttons for creating different item categories.
Serialized Control
LS One for Retail supports assigning a unique serial number to the product. It would be helpful when you need to maintain an inventory of serialized items. This feature is also useful when a buyer returns an item.
Discount Management
LS One for Retail Point of Sale ensures proper handling of discounts. While attending a customer, you can manually add a discount, or it may get triggered automatically depending upon the customer’s purchase history, type of item, exclusive customer group to which he belongs, etc.
Control Over Inventory
LS One for retail POS has enough inventory management features that can help you to track every item effortlessly. You can check the stock levels, prices of different products, and even transfer items from one store to another.
Gift Cards and Credit Memos
The gift cards and credit memos, both can be issued through the LS One POS. The gift cards can be used for payment as per their respective values. Credit memos are usually issued when the customer returns an item.
Allow customers to Order Items through Different Mediums
A customer can reach out to the store via phone call. A cashier can take the order using LS One POS and generate the receipt accordingly. One can also receive orders through an integrated e-commerce store.
Ability to Function Offline
During the internet outage, your business won’t need to stop. The LS One for Retail POS system keeps on working even when there is no internet. You can use it with full functionality. When the internet gets restored, the data gets transferred to the back-office instantly.
Business Procedures
Through LS One POS Software, the store manager can keep complete control over the store procedures. He can generate reports to have an overview of the financial transactions for a specific period. Every day, he can choose to enter the amount at the beginning of the day, keep track of sales, and tally the total earning.
Receipts and Emails
LS One for Retail Point of Sale allows customization of print receipts where you design its all attributes. The cashier can print a receipt while printing a purchase invoice. Else, you can choose to go green and email it to customers.
Infocodes are used for sending alerts to the cashier whenever you need to direct him to take a step. For instance, you can alert him regarding demanding an age proof to the customer while selling him liquor.
Customer Accounts
Whenever a new customer arrives, a salesperson can create his account using LS One for Retail POS Software. The account will contain all its details as well as transaction history. You can also check the loyalty points the customer owns, his dues, returned items, gift card amount, etc.
Parked inventory Feature
Whenever a customer returns an item, LS One POS System allows keeping it separate as parked inventory items. Later, you can choose to add it to the general inventory. If not, you can reject it, and then it will no longer be considered as an inventory item.

LS One Mobile POS System for Better Usability

Want to serve customers faster than ever before? LS one Mobile POS system can be used from Android Mobile Devices. You can reach out to customers anywhere in the store and generate bills for them. Now, they won’t need to wait in the long queues for billing.

With LS One for Retail POS System, you can deliver an easy setup for your pop-up stores. It will also become easier to conduct billing at local fairs, trade shows, or anywhere outdoor.

Sales Operation
It’s super easy to conduct billing through Mobile POS. You can connect it to a barcode scanner and just scan the code. If that’s not possible, you can search for a product through its name, code assigned, or image.
Hold Feature
While you are conducting a transaction, it could be possible that your customer needs to shop more. In that case, you can hold a sale and perform it later when the customer reaches you again.
Managing Discounts
If there are customers who have been loyal to your brand, why not you reward them with some discount and offers? Using LS One for Retail POS, you can configure smart algorithms that automatically find customers worthy of rewards. When a salesperson adds the products to the cart, the mobile POS automatically recommends the discount.
Payment Method
Like the Desktop LS One for Retail POS system, the Mobile POS system also gives the same functionality in accepting payments. You can allow customers to pay using cash or cards or gift card. It supports all LS Pay integrated payment providers.
Generating Receipts
The bill/shopping receipt can be sent to the customer through email. That’s a faster way to send an e-receipt and an excellent option to go green.
Returns Management
This feature of LS One Mobile POS is helpful when there are long queues at the desk. The buyer can approach any of the employees and take the returned item. The record of the returned item is maintained through the Mobile POS.
Physical Stock Counting
Using LS One for Retail, you can create stock templates based on different divisions of your store. Through that, you can conduct rapid stocktaking on your mobile device.
Stock Transfer
One can perform stock transfer directly from LS One for Retail mobile POS. All one needs to do is select the items and choose the store to which he wants to transfer the items. The employee can even check the status and gets confirmation when the store receives the items.
Purchasing Orders and Receiving Items
When the inventory level goes down, you can directly make a purchase through LS One Mobile POS. Further, when you receive the items, the details of the item along with the vendors become available on the Mobile POS.

Optimum Inventory Management

Retail and Service Items
LS One for Retail supports retail items and service items. For those items, you can add variants (brand, colour, size, etc.) effortlessly. You only need to add the information to the parent item and define the variants such as color, size, etc.
Item Categories
You can create a category hierarchy that lets you segment the inventory in different groups. These groups can be further divided into departments, which can have further divisions. This is useful for having a systematic inventory arrangement.
Price Configuration
While adding an item, you can configure its pricing. The price may vary according to stores, customer groups, currency, etc. You can also include the promotional pricing; this is the price on which an item will be sold when you activate a promotion.
Multiple Units of Measurement
There are numerous pre-defined units of measurements available on LS One for Retail. However, you can define your own units of measurement. The final selling price will be calculated according to the defined unit.
Replenishment Control
LS One for Retail automates the ordering of the items, which helps to keep the inventory at an optimal level. Depending upon the stock items left in the inventory, the LS One will send the order request to selected vendors. The received items will be added to ‘goods received documents.’ LS One provides efficient tracking of goods, letting you know your current inventory levels, the number of items ordered, and the number of reserved items.
Item Ledger
Item Ledger keeps track of all transactions and events related to items. You can check purchase, sales, transfer, and location information of the items using Item Ledger

High-Grade Customer Retention Features

Exclusive Prices for Special Customers
All customers get their dedicated customer account. By going through their transaction history, you can even provide them items at exclusive prices to provide them with benefits. It would help to maintain a robust business-customer bond and ensure long-term business.
Loyalty Program
LS One for Retail loyalty program is one of the most effective ways to earn regular customer engagement. Using this feature, you can provide rewards to customers on each purchase. The reward can be in the form of points. The customer can use these points on the next purchase. You can define how many points a customer earns as per the purchase amount and also the monetary value of points.
Efficient Discount and Promotions Features
LS One for Retail provides high functionality where you can set discounts for individual customers or groups. It can be done according to their transaction history. If there are items that you want to sell more, you can run exclusive offers on those discounts. LS One allows defining priority to different promotions, which helps to avoid overlapping.
LS Central for Retail Keep Your Accounting Data Organized
LS Central for Retail Manage Multiple Retail Attributes from One Platform

Workforce Management and Governance

Centralized Management
You can conduct any of the changes centrally using LS One for Retail. Therefore, using the primary account, you can make the changes, and those changes will be reflected in all the stores.
Permission as per the Job Role
You can assign different job roles, and for those job roles, specific permissions can be provided to users. This makes sure that information is only provided to every employee on a need to know basis.
Manage the Workforce
Ls One for Retail efficiently integrates with MyTimePlan, which is a staff management service. With its use, you can manage your staff, manage their shifts, conduct resources demand forecasting, and much more.

Get In-depth Business Insight

Reports for all Your Business Aspects
All the transactions you conduct, tax details, customer info, etc. are converted into reports. LS one for retail delivers efficient reports which you can use to study patterns, learn about growth, and check the room for making the business processes efficient.
Microsoft Power BI
You can connect LS One for Retail to Microsoft Power BI. Through BI, you can create your own dashboard and intelligence environment, which will help you to study patterns, trends, etc.
LS Central for Retail Highly Optimized POS & Back-Office Integration

Easy Setup

Ease in opening new stores
LS One for Retail allows us to save the configuration as a “profile.” This profile can then be loaded when opening new stores to complete the process quickly.
Receipt Designer
LS One for retail comes with an in-built receipt designer to customize the receipt the way you want.
Data Synchronization
LS One for retail provides powerful sync functionality between POS and head office. The LS Data Director enables you to schedule the synchronization as needed.
Smooth transition from Microsoft Dynamics RMS
LS One for retail back-office wizard enables one to convert a Microsoft Dynamics RMS database to LS One.
Tax and VAT
LS One for Retail POS supports Tax and VAT based on the location of your store.


LS One for Retail supports integration functionality where it can be connected to ERP systems and e-commerce platforms. The LS One Integration Framework takes care of data replication. It’s “Site Service” helps manage centrally stored information.

Frustrated with insufficient financial reports

Get reports when and where you need them.

Why Choose Web Masters?

We have years of experience in providing retail solutions and services to various businesses. We have conducted a number of LS One for retail implementations, data migrations, configurations, customizations, and training. Since the year 2000, Web Masters is Microsoft Dynamics Partner and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

We have provided LS One for Retail Consulting Services to retail businesses belonging to different sectors. This includes jewelry, fashion, pharmacy, sports, supermarkets, bookstores, etc. Therefore, our experience is proof of our capability. Working with various clients has provided us with the knowledge of retail essentials of every field.

We will implement our understanding and knowledge while delivering our service to your businesses also. Our primary aim is to optimize your retail operations using LS One for Retail. Read more about our LS One for Retail Consulting Services>>>

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Web Masters helped me to run smart promotions for my business. With their implementation service for LS One for Retail, I was able to attract customers without spending much on promotions and offers.

LS One has changed my business. I thank Web Masters for recommending and implementing LS One for retail store. Now, my staff can easily and quickly conduct transactions. There are no long queues, and now we can serve customers better.
I was making every possible attempt to grow my business, but it was not working. So, I reached out to Web Masters, and they suggested me to use LS One for Retail. I tried it out, and using reports and analytics; I came to know that I was purchasing wrong inventory items, making wrong decisions related to offers, and a few more flaws. Then, with the help of Web Masters’ LS One for Retail consulting services, I had all my operations optimized. Since then, my business is showing steady growth.


Yes, you can use LS one for Retail Desktop POS and Mobile POS offline. You can conduct transactions and utilize all its features. However, the data will only be transferred to back-office when the internet connectivity gets restored.
Data transfer is a step-by-step process where you need to move data from every single section. For your ease, you can choose our data migration service and leave this job to us.

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