Dynamics AX

Streamline your financial, customer relationship, and supply chain

Evolve your business with Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX – As an integrated and highly adaptable business solution, Dynamics AX has everything you would ask for – from financial management, to manufacturing, to sales, to customer relationships and all the way to inventory, procurement, and supply chain – it has a range of extensive functions available for complex business procedures. Yet at the same time, it is easy to use which increases the rate of adoption within the company.

Evolve your business with Microsoft Dynamics AX

Gain new business ideas with AX finance management

  • Quickly get operational insights and make better decisions 
  • Includes general ledger, intercompany accounting and consolidation, cost accounting 
  • Accounts receivable and payable, bank management, fixed assets 
  • Tax consolidation, basic XBRL, change log, allocations, schedule  
Evolve your business with Microsoft Dynamics AX

A centralized and constant workflow experience

  • Equipped with advance graphical workflow designer  
  • Control what employees work on and load balance across the team using work item queues  
  • Run business smoothly with features of strong workflow capacity  
  • Map real-life approval procedures  
Dynamics AX

Have the right products in-house at the right time

  • Manage products purchasing, production and distribution cycle altogether 
  • Connects sales and purchasing processes with production, logistics and inventory management 
  • All processes are integrated in one platform for seamless sharing of information 
  • Access, store and analyze data collected 
  • Improve efficiency, faster actions, better productivity and more concise decision 
  • Forecast demands, plan distributions, track item (RFID-enabled) and lot number reservations easily with AX 
Evolve your business with Microsoft Dynamics AX

Reduce cost and complexity of people management

  • Get full recruitment management functionality e.g. recruitment projects, application tracking and processing, mass emailing 
  • Publish positions to internal and external websites 
  • Control organizational position hierarchy, job position and job role definition  
  • Includes time and attendance functionality e.g. absence tracking, clocking in and out with timesheet (linked to projects) 
  • Track and map skillsets of employees, including tracking of course attended by employees and their certifications 
Stay on top

Stay on top of your projects

  • Plan, control and track various projects easily and effectively  
  • Project Accounting module to help manage projects on time and on budget 
  • Helps manage project cost control, finances and invoicing, revenue recognition and work in progress (WIP) 
  • Seamless integration with production  
  • Has consultant self-service portal for better efficiency  
  • Assign resources, manage expenses, produce budgets, monitor budgets and set up invoicing rules 
Turn insights into actions

Turn insights into actions

  • Consists of Business Intelligence to turn information and data collected into insights and actions to be taken 
  • Helps you analyze business information and to improve decision making 
  • Extremely easy to use for users who want to access and analyze data 
  • Role-tailored, pre-defined and multi-dimensional for different users to see what’s important to them 
Dynamics Ax - Control cost and expenses with the right procurement tools

Control cost and expenses with the right procurement tools

  • Offers a variety of skills to enable you to do sourcing and procurement 
  • Perform different online tasks e.g. upload catalogue, renew payments, submit invoices 
  • Unify procurement tasks by defining procurement policies and processes 
  • Manage overall spending by category and manage multiple procurement policies altogether 
Dynamics Ax - Improve warehouse efficiencies with better management

Improve warehouse efficiencies with better management

  • Gives you control over your warehouse and inventory processes 
  • Allows multi-site warehouse management 
  • Has vendor self-service portal to reduce your manual work and manpower 
  • Business-to-business trading partner integration  
  • Allows you to manage intercompany trade 
  • Order handling with trade agreements  

Why go with Web Masters ?

Microsoft Dynamics AX may be a complicated system for some of you. It contains extensive and exhaustive functions which is more suitable for middle to large size organizations. However, just the same as NAV moving to Business Central, AX is moving to Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations. If you are currently using AX and would like to migrate, Web Masters is the one to go for.  

Having implemented various projects for Microsoft ERP suite of solutions, our Microsoft experts know how the system works and how those functions can fit into your business. It is not enough to just read about features of AX and not see for yourself how can it be fully implemented in the company to elevate various operational procedures within the company.  

As a Microsoft Gold Partner with more than 60 Microsoft certified professionals, Web Masters is the company to look out for when you need help to implement an IT solution. Feel free to fill up the form below and we can provide you a free analysis, free consultation and free demo of the system, and let you understand how AX works and how it blends in with your business processes.