Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations

Unify your operations and adapt to changing market demands swiftly

Transform your business to the next level

When it comes to modernizing your business operations, Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations is what you can rely on. Empower your people to make fast and informed decisions when they can have a unified system to count on. This is especially crucial when you have global operations. Drive growth and adapt quickly changing market environment with Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations.

Transform your financial performance

  • A centralized financial management solution with robust financial intelligence and real time embedded analytics 
  • Role-based workspaces for automation and task prioritization to optimize productivity 
  • Automate financial process and cut down operational costs across different business geographies  
  • Encumbrance, budget planning, budget control, book closing, reporting 
  • Adapt easily to changing financial requirements due to flexibility allowed in the system 

Modernize your supply chain

  • Synchronize logistics across multiple sites, warehouses, transportation modes to reduce costs 
  • Automate order-to-cash and procure-to-pay processes so as to reduce costs, respond faster to customer demand and gain greater control 
  • 360-degree view of your supply chain and unify processes from sales and purchase, to logistics, production and warehouse management 
  • Predictive insights and dynamic financial analysis help you control and gain visibility across all sites 

Smarter operations with enhanced features

  • Optimize manufacturing parameters for each product family and improve operational procedures 
  • Simplify your resource management with a unified resource model that streamlines your schedule with real-time visibility  
  • Manage product quality and resolve issues along the way using real-time insights and predictive intelligence  
  • Able to select the best-fit manufacturing process to create an ideal manufacturing mix  
  • Advance warehouse and logistics management to help optimize manufacturing workflow and product delivery 

A flexible and adaptable platform to drive innovation

  • Flexible and rapid deployment to get it installed, yet also adhere to your requirements and comply with regulations at the same time 
  • Adapt the system to your needs by visually editing with no coding required 
  • Able to provide a unified experience due to its ability to integrate with third-party applications 
  • Helps you reduce the cost and complexity of operating global infrastructure by making use of cloud technology 
  • Artificial intelligence to provide insights about customer interactions 

The reason to go for Dynamics 365 (Finance & Operations)

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations combines all the latest technology and business procedures together, to give you the best practices for your business. Yet at the same time, Microsoft wants to provide you with the flexibility to deploy the system based on your requirements effortlessly.  

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is usually for middle to large size companies. It contains a lot more functions and covers multiple areas. It will be best to book a consultation session for more information about Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, and to see a demo of the system yourself. 

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