Microsoft Dynamics GP

Provide you a greater control across all operations

Microsoft Dynamics GP – A complete solution for small to medium size companies

Microsoft Dynamics GP allows you to have a greater control over your financials, inventory, human resource, manufacturing and operations. It can be said that this is a holistic Microsoft ERP management solution. Most importantly, this is a flexible system that can be configured and designed based on what you need or how your company evolves.  

A flexible system that suit your needs

  • Integration tool is available in Microsoft Dynamics GP to import data during implementation 
  • Easily modify or edit the appearance and functionalities  
  • For more complex customization, advance tools are available such as eConnect, Web Services, Dexterity and more 
  • Importation of data from other applications is also available with advance tools 

Be more efficient in project management

  • Control your project direction, costs, execution and budget effectively 
  • Accurate billing to invoice customers faster 
  • Manage resources efficiently, including staying in control of project costs, even as scope of project changes 
  • Capture, review and approve project time sheets
  • Expense reports to manage costs and for more efficient reimbursements  
  • Integrates with finance and inventory modules for seamless sharing of information and more accurate data 

Better employee management with Human Resource module of Microsoft Dynamics GP

  • Customizable hiring process, schedule, pay rate and performance evaluation tools 
  • No re-enter of data required as data is transferred automatically from ADP/PC Payroll into General Ledger 
  • Directly deposit payroll funds to employees’ bank, savings and loan using Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Manage movement of human resources throughout the organization 
  • Easily manage employee profile and pay 
  • Allow employees to view and update their personal information  
  • Enter employees’ skillsets and trainings completed to keep track of employee self-enhancement progress 

Enhanced manufacturing suite for the entire process

  • Manage your components, materials, and assemblies with costings and locations included 
  • Easily and accurately track the entire cycle of order processing  
  • Manage production costs, work orders, routings, outsourcing, etc. using GP manufacturing module 
  • Automatically create manufacturing orders by gathering information from sales forecasts and having a production schedule 
  • Proactive and precise planning with smart procurement decisions 
  • Make changes to production when necessary with flexible planning

Always provide satisfactory field service using Microsoft Dynamics GP

  • Manage unlimited contracts with flexible functions and revenue recognition  
  • Manage profitability against service calls using Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Perform preventive maintenance by forecasting purchasing and scheduling requirements  
  • Keep track of inventory parts, manpower work and expense details  
  • Create reports on parts usage and manage spare parts / stock count 
  • Manage new and historical service calls against service contract, product warranty and inventory stocks 
  • Fast billing through integrated accounting system  
  • Easily coordinate customer schedules, assign suitable technicians, automatically escalate calls with GP 

Keep track of your inventory and supply chain procedures

  • Make use of purchasing, inventory and sales information to predict the availability of stocks 
  • Improve productivity with fast, flexible tracking of components and subassemblies  
  • Manage inventory level, costs and set prices based on tiered customer groups 
  • Consists of multiple costing methods, tiered pricing, alternative vendors, serial/lot tracking 
  • Automate sales ordering process for better customer service and lower shipping and labor costs 
  • Automate purchasing process by generating suggested Purchase Order  
  • Item suggestions for upsell opportunities or substitutions for out-of-stock items   

Strategic actions based on intelligent reporting

  • Over 400 built-in Microsoft Excel reports available that connects directly to data source 
  • Refreshable Excel reports allow quick access to the latest data available 
  • Reports can be modified based on your requirement using Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Create new reports easily without the need of a developer or coding 
  • Create, distribute and analyze financial statements with user types that are secured by roles 

Accurate and precise financial procedures using Microsoft Dynamics GP

  • Predict cashflow more accurately with complete set of financial management tools 
  • Automate and simplify complex financial processes and save time on manual tasks 
  • Enhance security level by defining rights of users when it comes to accounting  
  • Track and analyze financial data with different dimensions e.g. region, profit center  
  • Track multiple budgets for multiple fiscal years and multiple currencies  
  • Audit trail is available to see who modified a budget and maintain control within the company 
  • Transfer information between accounts receivables and payables to create vendor and customer record for a consolidated view  

Let Web Masters helps you handle everything

It may seem that there are too many functions available to consider whether it will be a good fit for the company. Don’t worry – Web Masters can help you resolve your current business issues by providing sound advice on how Microsoft Dynamics GP solutions can help you achieve your objectives.

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