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LS Central for Hotels-Overview

Some businesses use different software systems for managing various aspects of the hotel business. They may need to use one application for accommodation, one for retail, one for restaurants, etc. It gives rise to extra costs, efforts, and requirement of human resources. Therefore, moving to a unified hotel management system such as LS Central for Hotels for managing all aspects of a hotel or resort can deliver a huge positive impact on revenue as well as aid to decrease the efforts.

By using LS Central, you can manage all your aspects of the hotel, retail management, hospitality, and even the event organization through one single hotel management software. Moreover, this hotel management system has features one requires to grow the business. It centralizes the information allowing the owner to keep track of each business movement.

LS Central for Hotels- Retail

When you use another software for retail, you may need to deal with complicated integrations to improve the functionality. However, with LS Central for Hotels, all the retail management can be performed from one platform.

One Platform for All Retail Operations
It allows tracking the sales, productivity, and stock in real-time, ensuring that all your retail processes work in an optimum way. For instance, you have additional products and services for your hotel customers, such as laundry, decoration, souvenirs, etc. Those additional products and services can also be managed easily using LS Central for Retail.
Maintain the Operational Continuity
LS Central for retail is a unique SaaS product that works on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud. When you use traditional SaaS-based retail software, there is no possibility to be operational when the Internet connectivity goes down. However, with LS Central for Hotels, you can use all the features even without the Internet. This provides continuity to retail operations and saves business revenue decrement.
Customer Retention Features
There is a long-list of customer retention features available in LS Central for Retail that provide an end-to-end customer-centric experience. You can define different prices of the same product for different customers depending upon the purchase amount, period of the relationship, interest in a category, etc. Further, another powerful tool you get with the hotel management system is loyalty program generation that is a “for-sure” technique for tempting guests to visit you again.
Customer Targeting, Upselling, and Cross-selling
LS Central for Retails tracks the data of each customer separately to identify patterns and shopping habits. This will help you to avail of exclusive targeting, which can be automated.

As it helps the hotel management to provide additional recommended services to customers, the products directly optimize your upselling. Let’s say a person arrives at your hotel and selects a room. The hotel management system will automatically provide suggestions of other rooms available, which can provide the hotel with more revenue.

In addition to that, the hotel software also suggests the products which go along with the products that a customer is buying. Therefore, higher revenue can be generated by promoting cross-selling also. In this case, LS Central for Hotels recommends add-ons such as breakfast, decoration options, dinner arrangement, local guide service, etc.

Hotel’s Human Resource Management
There are a lot many features that you can discover in this hotel POS system in Dubai, which tends to optimize your operations. You can effortlessly manage the staff, define their exact job roles, track their performances, and reduce their workload by implementing automation.

LS Central for Hotel- Restaurants, Food, and Beverages

In addition to accommodation and other stay services, there must be restaurants and eateries owned by the hotel. If you have a separate system for managing them, it would be tiresome to align the data generated with other hotel attributes.

Therefore, switching to LS Central for Hotels is an excellent option to deliver ease to management and reduce operational costs. Further, with premium LS Central features, you can always work to create a guest-centric environment leading to optimum customer experience.

LS Central for Retail Keep Your Accounting Data Organized

There are two characteristics that make a restaurant successful: Excellent food and Fast Delivery. Both require a proficient restaurant software between the guest demands and kitchen staff. LS Central for Hotels provides the restaurant POS system for creating such a link.

Whenever a customer orders a dish, its information is keyed into the restaurant POS software and sent to the kitchen along with the priority. The kitchen staff gets the exact information regarding the ingredients through the LS Central for Hotels application. This makes sure that no food wastage takes place, and no error occurs. Ultimately, what is delivered to a customer are taste-buds pleasing dishes.

LS Central for Hotels allows businesses to track and manage the operations from headquarters. The hotel management can centrally manage the pricing of each dish, make changes in the recipe, and do additions or removal from menus.

Furthermore, the purchase of ingredients can only be automated. Whenever the inventory level goes down, the items can be ordered by delivering the order request to the selected supplier.

Your customers will surely return if you deliver their orders at a fast pace. Therefore, your waiters can use LS Central for Hotels’ mobile POS system to orders quickly and directly pass it to the kitchen through the application.

Further, just like for retail, you get the option to target a customer with exclusive discounts in restaurants too. For instance, if a person has a history of repeating an order multiple times, you can provide the order at a discounted price in addition to other dishes ordered. He can also take the benefit of a loyalty program that can convert him into you’re a loyal customer from the first time visitor.

LS Central for Retail Customer Retention Tools

LS Central for Hotels- Manage Bookings and Events

There could be multiple events running in a hotel, and for that, LS Activity is the best-suited application. LS Central for Hotels integrates seamlessly with LS Activity to provide the users with an easy and error-free way to manage all bookings and programs.

Unified View of all the Activities
You get better control over all the activities going on at your hotels as you view them through a unified hotel management platform. You can get the real-time stats of all the reservations and can even set accommodation prices accordingly by using LS Central for Hotels.
Enhance customer service
Customer service enhancement is necessary to deliver optimum customer experience. From LS Central for Hotels, your hotel staff can entertain a customer through a single hotel POS software, and customers won’t need to move from one counter to another for booking different activities. It also helps the staff members to complete the sales quickly by conducting a single transaction.
Conduct Staff Training Fast
LS Central for Hotels-LS Activity Integration is so seamless that it doesn’t let complexities appear even after simplifying the processes. Therefore, employees can learn the application quickly without going through intense training. As all the booking and event features can be handled from a single POS system- it also reduces the overall learning time.

LS Central for Hotels-Property Management System (PMS)

Property Management System is one of the essential parts of LS Central for Hotels from which all the hotel management gets real-time information about guests, bookings, and other hotel visitors. Property Management Software also helps to track the staff members and the jobs they are performing at a particular time. This provides them with an overview of housekeeping and maintenance, allowing them to divert resources smartly whenever required.

Handling Bookings and other Reservations

The hotel POS system keeps a record of all your guests. Therefore, whenever a guest returns to your hotel again, you can recognize and thank him for choosing your service again. Further, besides the guest bookings, you can also handle the event bookings and package bookings. If a customer conveyed a particular requirement, you could add it as a comment to the booking.

Managing Hotel Operations

According to daily operational needs , you can divert and manage your resources by assigning tasks to them. One can even track the employees’ attendance and performance through the application.

Further, you can automate the complete inventory as the LS Central for Hotels itself makes an order when the product quantity goes down. You can also define your budget and allow the application to make smart decisions accordingly.

LS Central for Retail Highly Optimized POS & Back-Office Integration

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A Personalized View for Each Role

The property management system allows defining the permission level of employees as per their job roles. This not only helps to avoid unnecessary sharing of data but also keeps the user aware of his tasks, which requires his attention. There will be a well-defined number of business aspects with which he can deal, not getting distracted from the other ones.

Front Desk

  • The receptionist will be able to recognize the guests who had visited the hotel previously. LS Central for Hotels allows him to give a personalized experience to a guest as per their previous journey.
  • From the front desk, your employee can manage different booking such as group, couple, individual, and corporate ones made from different booking points (website, hotel premises, mobile app, etc.).
  • Whenever a booking is made, and the customer has a specific requirement, you can add its details as comments to the reservation. Along with that, you can also add specific tasks related to that requirement, who needs to perform that and at what time it should be performed using the hotel management system.
  • The person managing the front desk can check the status of housekeeping and maintenance for each section of the premises, including the rooms. It lets him know whether a room is ready to be occupied or not when a guest arrives for check-in. Thus, LS Central for Hotels offers an efficient property management system.

  • When a guest utilizes different services such as restaurant, SPA, laundry, etc., front desk employees can directly add it to a single bill allowing to eliminate the requirement of asking payment on multiple occasions.
  • You can also split the bills into as many parts as the customer wants and obtain a separate amount for each bill using LC Central for Hotels
  • It is important to track room availability. It helps to manage if there are any room change requests or room upgrades.
  • If a customer wishes to extend his stayyou can choose to add the payments made after the departure date to the bill or even create a separate booking for it.
  • LS Central for Hotels easily takes care of early checkouts where a customer can make the payment through the front desk or even using the mobile app.

Hotel Manager

  • A manager can take care of day to day activities of his staff members and other hotel operation by using LS Central for Hotels.
  • It is the primary job of the manager to provide assurance that the staff is functioning properly. LS Central for Hotels supports employee performance tracking according to which capability can be judged. The app can also help you to identify the employee’s cost and the work done against it.
  • The manager won’t even need to worry about manually purchasing items and managing vendors. LS Central for Hotels will take care of everything using its smart algorithm. It will notify you when the stock level is down, payment is pending, items are not received, etc. The manager would only need to keep his eye on hotel management system to ensure purchasing is done correctly.

  • LS Central for Hotels is efficient in helping the manager to assign staff duties as per the need. The duties can be scheduled one after another and can be changed whenever priority changes.
  • The manager can use LS Central for Hotels for Budget management. All the hotel-related transactions will be stored on the hotel software. He can utilize the data for accounting and preparing financial statements.
  • LS Central for Hotels seamlessly integrates with Power BI. Using Power BI. The manager gets the opportunity to conduct analytics and make accurate decisions, which will surely aid in taking the business in the right direction.

Back Office

  • If you have many bookings of particular corporate offices, you can create a contract with them as per mutual terms and conditions. It will help you retain them, and at the same time, you can make the arrangements as per the corporate guidelines using the hotel management software.
  • Similarly, you can create contracts with third party agents and keep them accessible to the manager through the LS Central for Hotels.
  • The back office allows for creating offers and promotions to retain current customers and attract potential customers. You can generate offers and promotions in such a way that they minimally affect the earning but brings a lot of guests to your hotel.

  • Through the back office, you can manage the rates of various rooms, services, and restaurant dishes. It is also possible to charge the amount as per the customer history.
  • When all your hotel rooms are booked, the back office alerts the manager and stops further booking of rooms to avoid overbooking.
  • All the invoices and transaction details are available on the back office. Through the back office, you can check the transactions for which your hotel has not received the payment and the transactions for which your hotel still needs to make the payment.

Marketing Manager

  • The main aim of the marketing manager is to expand the business and add revenue. One of the best ways to do that is to offer benefits to customers. That can be in the form of a loyalty program, rewards, promotions, offers, etc. using LS Central for Hotels.
  • Another way is to offer combo packages where you can sell multiple services along with the booking. It is similar to upselling. However, services are pitched as a part of the combo and not as an addition to a particular service.
  • With LS Central for Hotels, you can work on improving your relationship customers by providing them personalized experience by gaining real-time insight into their journey with your business.

Frustrated with insufficient financial reports

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Guest-Centric Experience during the Whole Journey


It is essential to know how your customers found you. LS Central for Hotels will keep its record, which will help you in analytics. Analytics will help you know what’s working for you and what is not. As per the analytics, you can direct your marketing efforts in the right way.


All the bookings are kept on a centralized hotel management platform. From wherever the person conducts the booking, whether it is your website, your booking app, third-party platform, or hotel premises, you can track each customer bookings. Even if they make booking multiple times through different platforms, LS Central for Hotels will recognize the customer. This will help you to know your loyal customers and how they can be treated specially.


It is important that customers can add their requests to their existing booking to improve their experience. When there are many customers making different requests, manually tracking each request isn’t possible. LS Central for Hotels does that task for you.

You won’t only be able to check the requests but can also find out which requests are fulfilled and which are pending. The hotel management system even allows the scheduling of requests as per the customer’s need.


As you will be able to recognize the customer, you can let him have the stay as per his preference according to his experience. With LS Central for Hotels, the check-in would be easy and quick. You will be able to track the occupancy status of each room. This would help to direct the guest to the unoccupied room without making him wait.


To enhance the experience of customers, there is a possibility of adding additional services from the LS Central for Hotels Point of Sale System. For instance, adding the laundry, restaurant bill, SPA charges, etc. The customer won’t need to make multiple payments every time he uses a service. The services will directly be added to his account, and he will only require making a one-time bill payment.


After the customer completes his stay at your hotel, rewarding him would be an excellent option to retain him. You can create a loyalty program using LS Central for Hotels. This will allow you to provide reward points to your customers. These points can be used for getting the monetary benefits when the customer books the hotel for the next time.


Checkout should be hustle free. When your customer requires a fast checkout, and he has to visit multiple counters to pay the bills, it doesn’t leave a good impression. LS Central for Hotels let a customer pay his bill as he wants. He can check out through the internet, desk, or mobile application. This delivers ease and saves yours and the customer’s time to the checkout process.

Frustrated with insufficient financial reports

Get reports when and where you need them.

Why Choose Web Masters?

Web Masters have decades of experience in the implementation, upgrade, training, and configuration of Hotel Management Systems. We are Microsoft Gold Partner in Enterprise Resource Planning and Silver Partner in Cloud Solutions. We have been working as a Microsoft Dynamics Partner since the year 2000, and till now, we have successfully provided hotel management solutions to multiple clients in a number of sectors.

Doing business with us will deliver you with optimum services related to LS Central for Hotels. You even get post support from our team to make sure LS Central for Hotels is taking care of all aspects of your hotel business effectively. Check out all our LS Central for Hotels Consulting Services.

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I own a chain of hotels and obviously need to put a check on all my hotels simultaneously. This was every tough and inaccurate using conventional methods. This is the main reason why I purchased LS Central for Hotels. I want to thank Web Masters for recommending this hotel management system and providing their services.

Web Masters reached me out with this wonderful hotel software, and it helped me to keep track of bookings, reservations, events, etc. Web Masters configured it in such a way we did not require making any changes. I highly recommend Web Masters’ LS Central for Hotel services.

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Yes, you can merge all the facilities and showcase them as one. For instance, you can create a package including stay cost, breakfast, decoration, and local tour, and name it as full-package. It will be considered as a single item.
LS Central for Hotels is dedicated to customer retention. It keeps the complete history of a customer and let you customize your service as per his choices.

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