WinGold Next

The industry standard for all jewellery retailers,
wholesalers and manufacturers

Bring your business to the next level with WinGold Next

An ERP software designed specifically for the jewellery industry, WinGold Next is a complete system to manage your entire operation. No matter which type of jewellery business you are in and what size your business is, WinGold Next is the latest modern technology that satisfies all your needs.

Gold, Silver and Precious Metals

  • Easily manage your transactions e.g. gold fix and unfix transaction, gold receipt and payment transaction  
  • Monitor your jewellery manufacturing, including production and consumption  
  • Control your stocks using gram wise or piece wise  
  • Automatic calculate purity difference  
  • Old gold management, gold movement and gold average costing 
  • Analysis available for own stock, making charges, profit, sales and purchase 
  • Stock ledger base on item wise, category wise, jewellery wise  

        There are a lot of in-depth knowledge involved when it comes to dealing with the gold and precious metal business. For factories, you’ll need to calculate gold loss and gold purity changes during the making process. They can also reuse precious metals to come up with new pieces of jewellery. For wholesalers and retailers, you deal with changing prices, making charges, customization requirement from clients etc. WinGold Next is the most suitable solution for you to handle all aspects of gold and precious metal.

Diamond Jewellery & Precious Stones

  • Apply unique serial number for your diamonds  
  • Get stocks, sales and profit analysis base on cost range, designs and other multiple dimensions  
  • Easily import/export your transaction entries to/from Excel  
  • Attach voucher with images 
  • Automatically update price when there’s changes 
  • Easily manage your sales, consignments and returns  

        Diamond and precious stones are unique. You may want to manage your inventory by serializing them which also helps in keeping track of movement and costing. WinGold Next allows you to control your diamonds using international 4C (color, clarity, cut, carat) standard. You can always split the gems and remake into new jewellery pieces with images attached, at the same time keeping track of your diamonds and gem stones.

Business Management

  • Manages gold, diamond and other precious metal and precious stones  
  • Serialized jewellery control for accurate stock tracking  
  • Multi-dimensional stock, sales and profit analysis 
  • Suitable for wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers  
  • Physical stock verification with barcode scanner/PDA 

        WinGold Next helps you manages your business no matter if you are a jewellery manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer, dealing with gold, diamond or precious stones. Being in a business means that you need to handle both suppliers and customers, both sales and purchase, both finance and inventory – WinGold Next is the latest all-in-one platform to manage everything. 

ERP Management

  • High security features such as role-based users, audit trial, period locking facility etc. 
  • Allow regional setting such as language, currency, user interface to adapt to your local business 
  • Includes automatic scheduled back-up, disaster recovery and business continuity plan  
  • Consolidated data warehousing for information to be stored and reports to be set up  

        WinGold Next is an Enterprise Resource Planning solution for the jewellery industry, using the latest state-of-the-art technology to manage each and every aspect of your business – including system security etc. You have the access to back end settings and decide on how you want to operate your business, or simply pass your requirements to us and we will set it up for you.

Financial & Banking Management

  • Manage your accounts receivable and payable 
  • Allow intercompany transactions if you have multiple businesses to deal with  
  • Drill down on your financial statement for more detailed information  
  • Manage your consolidation, cost center and budgeting  
  • GST/VAT management for taxes  

        Finance and accounting, being the core function of any business, is one of the most important modules that we take into consideration while designing WinGold Next. We work with Chartered Accountants to implement the ERP solution with international standard accounting principles, so that you can manage your finance well in this jewellery industry where you have to deal with fluctuating prices and many other variables in your business. 

Reports Management

  • Reports on inventory, customers, suppliers, sales, financials, analysis and more 
  • Business Intelligence (BI) reports, key performance indicators, retail reports  
  • Includes supplier performance analysis, return on investment analysis, what-if analysis (under BI), store operations analysis, sales and profitability analysis, customer analysis etc.  
  • Able to optimize your stock and inventory  
  • Key performance indicators on purchase, sales target, expense budget, margin, business and many more  

        Reports and analysis are the summary of your business. Data were collected from various parts of the system (e.g. different departments) and consolidated to become reports. Base on the reports, you can tell how each section of the operation is doing and what should you do next to make your business better. Insights and data are crucial in every business.

Retail Management

  • Comes with easy to learn and easy to use POS  
  • Integrate with retail devices such as barcode scanner, credit card readers, cash drawer, weighing scale, receipt printer etc. 
  • Enable sales, returns, advance order transactions  
  • Consists of end-of-day register and reconciliation  
  • Capture customer database e.g. birthday, anniversary, spouse information etc. 
  • Capture customer purchase history, payment history, customer/salesperson history 
  • Targeted mailing lists and loyalty rewards program available  
  • Can apply standard discounts and special pricing  

        When it comes to retail, we know the best because we have met retail clients from different industries – not just jewellery. Not only you want to integrate all devices so as to have an accurate record of transactions, you also want to keep track of all inventories and their movement, especially when customers are asking for modifications or customizations. To get customers coming back to your shop, purely running sales and promotions are not enough, WinGold Next can help you keep customer history and details, together with loyalty program for points tracking – so that the more they buy from your shop, the more goodies they can enjoy. 

Bullion Management

  • Allows you to manage metal and currency trading 
  • Physical sales and purchase 
  • Position keeping  
  • Affords multiple UOM and currencies 
  • Hedging  
  • Scrap trading  

        Bullion trading is what some jewellery companies are looking at, especially for big brands. WinGold Next continuously upgrade our system so that we are always up to date with the latest requirement from our customers and provide the latest technology. We are trusted by brands such as SK Jewellery Group and MKS Precious Metals to implement WinGold Next to help them manage their bullion trading. Trading can be a complicated business to manage but with WinGold Next, you can easily manage all areas of your business.

Technology features that we use

Each IT system has to be built upon certain technical features to make everything work well together. The same goes to WinGold Next, where our team of technical and functional professionals come together to design and build a software that can cater to all areas of the jewellery business.

Technical Highlights

  • Make use of Microsoft .Net technology  
  • Microsoft SQL Server 
  • Open XML technology  
  • Windows Presentation Foundation Technology  
  • Workflow technology  

Application Highlights

  • Easy to use and familiar Microsoft application interface 
  • Business line wise modular architecture  
  • Codeless accounting  
  • Complete book keeping at lowest business entity level  
  • Inventory tracking and reporting with multiple attributes  
  • Flexible voucher numbering  
  • User-defined dashboards, short-cuts, alerts, report viewing  
  • Screen-level user defined fields  
  • Screen-level attachment of sticky notes and documents  
  • Export/import facility with Microsoft Excel  
  • Field tips for the operation  
  • Standard and self-defined help 
  • Report scheduler  
  • Ready for taxes e.g. VAT/GST 

Business Entity Structure

  • Affords multi-group structure 
  • Multi-company  
  • Multi-branch 
  • Multi-division  

Why choose WinGold Next? What’s the difference between WinGold Next and other ERP solutions out there? ​

Other ERP solutions are not designed for the jewellery industry. As a jeweller, you are dealing with precious items with fluctuating prices to keep track of. Considering making charges and other costs, together with additional gold loss and purity measurements, you need an ERP solution developed just for the jewellery industry only – WinGold Next.

WinGold Next is the industry standard for jewellery retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers: a complete system to manage your entire operation from sales, purchasing, inventory to finance.  

At the same time, WinGold Next is easy and intuitive to use. We provide you an integrated platform where each part of your jewellery business is well taken care of. WinGold Next possess the latest technology that suits your business the best. Don’t hesitate to book a free demo now! 

About Web Masters

We have been in the jewellery industry for more than 25 years. Started out with Visual WinGold, we build upon and improve our products to provide the best for our customers. We cover all aspects of your business and bring you an integrated platform – one system is all you need to keep your business up and running.  

We understand the jewellery industry at the back of our hands. You can be a factory, wholesaler, distributor, retailer or trader – whatever business you are in, we know what you are looking for and which areas are the most crucial to your business.  

With our experience, knowledge and expertise, we understand your processes and provide you the most suitable system that caters to every process that you’ll need technology to come in. We suggest what are the better methods out there to run your operations and introduce industry-standard ways to improve your business procedures.  

We consult our team of Chartered Accountants to build our finance module, so that the core of your business is well-taken care of. Technical and functional experts within our company come together to develop WinGold Next so that each function we came up with benefits your business.  

Book a free demo or consultation with Web Masters now to see how WinGold Next can help your jewellery business!