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Jewellery Industry

Jewellery Industry
  • Leading provider in Dubai which is known as The City of Gold
  • Trusted by top companies including listed jewellery brands as our clients
  • In-depth understanding of the entire industry from manufacturing to retail sales
  • Manufacturing: manage gold loss, production cost, man power, fluctuating gold prices, fluctuating precious stones prices – accurate tracking of each process in the factory
  • Distribution: manage different clients, pricing differences, orders and services, sales commission, delivery, bulk orders, design selection, outdoor sales, inventory – we provide all you need to help your business better
  • Retail sales: POS system, customer loyalty program, discounts and promotions, manage gold and precious stones prices, sales commission, services, stock taking – improve your retail sales using our knowledge in the retail scene

        To determine whether a system suits your business or not, is not just by the number of functions it carries. It also depends on the flexibility of the functions that caters exactly to your needs. Web Masters built our own in-house jewellery solution from scratch that is trusted by big brands including listed companies, because we understand this industry thoroughly at the back of our hands – all the way from manufacturing to end retail sales, Web Masters covers them all.

Retail Industry

Retail Industry
  • 20+ years in the retail industry carrying both Microsoft retail solutions and also in-house retail solutions
  • Catered to multiple types of retail business like jewellery, fashion, department stores, accessories, electronics, book stores, restaurants, toys and games, and many more
  • Served well-known international retail brands
  • In-depth understanding of how the retail industry work and what retailers need to do to run a better business
  • Caters to small shops or big brands with multiple stores
  • Easy inventory management by scanning items and understand inventory sales trends to decide which stocks to import/introduce in future
  • Integrated platform all the way from front-end sales to back-end management
  • Supports omni-channel retail including e-commerce
  • Include all you need for your retail business

        Web Masters has been providing IT solutions for retailers for decades. If you are counting our jewellery retail solution as well, altogether we had served thousands of big and small retail brands, including well-known brands’ franchise such as Versace, LUSH and Xiao Mi. We cater different retail solutions to different brands depending on their needs and requirement, and evaluate the available functions that can pull up their business – be it keeping loyal customers, improving sales, selling slow-moving stocks, importing high demand products etc. We assess your retail business to recommend the most beneficial yet economically-friendly technology to better your business in multiple ways.

Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology
  • Includes Microsoft Azure Cloud, Office 365, Microsoft 365, Business Central, CRM and other various related solutions 
  • Thoroughly understand what Cloud technology can be used for or applied in which area of business  
  • Educate clients about the functions, benefits, pros and cons of embarking on Cloud technologies  
  • Assess what is required in terms of business objectives and evaluate what fits the business the most  
  • Microsoft Gold Partner in ERP and Silver Partner in Cloud 

        Clients we have met are mostly not fully aware about the functions and benefits of Cloud technology. Such as Azure cloud, they would measure specs-to-specs with their on-site server and conclude that going to Cloud is too expensive, without knowing how to save money when it comes to moving to Cloud. Or, thinking that Office 365 is about Word, PowerPoint and Excel, without knowing how integrated the platform is that can save so much of time and data space when it comes to working together internally. Web Masters possess all the know-how to transfer such knowledge and trainings to clients like you, who will want to explore new, better, modern ways of working to improve your business.

Project Implementation

project management
  • We follow a standard procedure to evaluate, assess and implement our projects to provide standard quality service  
  • We understand what’s more than an implementation service – it’s about fitting technology to business requirements and achieve your ultimate goals  
  • Thousands of clients = thousands of projects done  
  • Having served multiple different industries, from manufacturers to distributors to retailers to jewellers to service providers etc., we understand how each industry works  
  • We understand each business is also unique, hence we cater to your business to provide a solution that fits you the best  
  • We have the knowledge to also recommend better operation methods to improve your business 
  • We help you leverage on what technology provides and affords, so that you get the most out of your investments 

        We have been in the IT industry since 1989 – serving clients and implementing technology systems for various industries for 30 years. With close to 80 employees in our office, we have both technical consultants and functional consultants. Technical consultants handle the technical side that has got to do with the system itself, while functional consultants look into the benefits of the system and how it can be applied to your business. With the two coming together, we assure you that your return on investment for IT will be the greatest with Web Masters.

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