LS Retail Management

Go mobile, stay local, with LS Retail

All-in-one retail business management solution

LS Retail offers high quality, cost effective, and highly configurable software solution that helps retailers, hospitality and forecourt businesses around the world to optimize their business processes. Enhance your business practices, improve revenue and satisfy your customers easier and faster.

Save your cost, time, energy and manpower

  • Save on software and system administration costs as you just need to work on one fully integrated and complete platform
  • Leave the hassle of dealing with multiple different IT systems once you have LS Retail
  • Eliminate time spent on aligning data from various sources
  • Avoid inconsistencies within your business for a more reliable financial data and make better decisions
  • Never lose sales due to being out-of-stock or input the wrong pricing 

Optimize your inventory for better management

  • Free-up working capital, reduce stock-outs, and receive faster return on investment with LS Retail
  • Automate your processes to reduce workload – replenish your stocks manually or automatically
  • Staff at front-line POS have live access on the inventory and make use of hand-held devices to manage inventories in store
  • Helps you to plan buying process, plan buffer quantity, allocate stocks to stores and customers so that you can prepare for the next season, preplan purchase and decide on distributions
  • Affords both distribute allocation method and defined allocation method
  • Provides different forecasting methods to capture sales trends

Get more customers with increased sales opportunities

  • Tailored loyalty and membership programs available to entice existing customers and attract new ones 
  • Easily manage your gift cards, physical and electronic coupons  
  • Advance upsell, cross-sell and right-sell functionalities to help you improve your sales 
  • Able to offer personalized deals and promotions to improve shopping experience and get more returning customers  

Improve your profit

  • A better control and overview of your operations
  • Allows you to optimize your staff to improve the quality of service and in turn, more returning customers 
  • Reduces capital binding in inventory, markdowns, loss and fraud
  • Analyze vendor performance to make the best decision and achieve profit target

Intuitive electronic Point of
Sale system

  • Easy to use and learn POS system with customizable graphical interface to adjust to the need of your business 
  • Stationery, tablets and mobile POS sharing the same application are available and shorter training time required 
  • POS has training mode so that can use it as a training portal for new staff without meddling with existing data 
  • Allows multiple currency and flexible types of payment; also supports split payments 
  • POS uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to suggest purchases for customers based on their previous transactions  
  • Powerful search function within the POS, such as serial number tracking 
  • Multiple promotional methods available, such as mix-and-match, automatic discounts, multi-buy and more 

A user-friendly system for in-store management

  • Allow your staff to handle all necessary inventory processes like receiving, picking, stock counting, stock changes and labour ordering 
  • Consists of retail campaign management to create campaigns and monitor their sales and analysis 
  • Sophisticated shelf label management to handle both paper and electronic labels 
  • Allow pricing and stock information to be also printed on the labels 
  • Monitor your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) using LS Retail  
  • Manage your inventory, pre-sale planning, pre-plan purchasing and distribution all within your headquarters 
  • Fast and accurate data replication and transmission between POS terminals, back office and head office  

Maximize your staff

  • Easily plan and distribute staff rosters, handle sales commissions, oversee working hours etc. 
  • Allows you to compare actual staff costs against your budget  
  • Fast and easy to calculate accurate sales commissions and can manage cashiers’ commissions and sales assistants’ commissions separately  
  • Commissions can be automatically posted into the company’s ledger and provides you transparency and trackability of records and reports 
  • Manage permissions for POS users and their individual operations rights  
  • Includes a suite of loss prevention tools and allow graphical analysis of loss prevention events 

A clear overview of your products and sales

  • Centrally manage and update products, prices and offers across all sales channels  
  • Manage your products through different dimensions such as colors, sizes and styles, and gain business insights from sales  
  • See which are the most popular combinations and plan your purchasing base on insights  
  • Allows you to centrally create items for all different platforms e.g. e-commerce, loyalty apps, mobile devices  
  • Easily update prices, offers, and customer related information across all channels  
  • Set up different price hierarchy, assign different prices to individual store locations, store groups or online store 
  • Categorize inventories based on item hierarchy and unlimited options of special groups and attributes 
  • Import functionality to import files from vendors and create/update company’s item master 
  • Allow managers to check, manually correct and finalize product information before updating 

Reporting and

  • Get instant overview, analyze sales data and optimize strategy 
  • Real-time insights of your business financials to reduce shrinkage and prevent loss  
  • Identify and stop frauds by analyzing POS transactions and sales patterns  
  • Understand your sales performance indicators to see what are your top sales products, which items are going to be out of stock, which items have the biggest impact on other items etc. 
  • Understand where customers are making purchases, identify trends so as to invest resources that can give you the highest returns  
  • Comes with pre-defined retail analyses available on client, web or mobile device  
  • Personalized dashboards and reports so that critical information related to relevant personnel will be shown  
  • Set up alerts and react quickly to protect your profit margins  

Omni-channel strategy with mobile and e-commerce

  • Offers “click-and-collect” feature where customers shop online or on mobile, and choose to either get their goods delivered to their house or pick up from a store or warehouse 
  • Completely integrate LS Retail with your web, mobile and in-store commerce services 
  • Make use of machine learning to recommend products on e-commerce sites based on previous purchases and likings to increase the size of their shopping basket 
  • Flexible system as it is readily available to be integrated with various e-commerce platforms  
  • Enhance your loyalty program by also capturing customer sales online, to find out their overall spending across various channels and reward them accordingly  
  • Offer tailored campaigns and offers when you assign your customers different attributes 
  • Able to set variable points depending on which item is purchased 

Why get LS Retail from Web Masters?

LS Retail is a strong and elaborated system, it covers all areas of your business – all the way from physical retail shop to online e-commerce or even mobile apps. There are a lot of aspects to look into and you will need experts like Web Masters to help you analyze the situation and see how an elaborated system like LS Retail can fit well into your business.  

We at Web Masters had handled countless clients from the retail industry, and have provided, installed and trained large retail brands when it comes to using LS Retail. On one hand, we understand what the retail industry needs due to our experience, on the other hand, we know how the system works and we integrate both knowledge together to provide you with a solution that gives you a much higher return on investments. 

Being a Gold Partner of Microsoft, Web Masters is recognized by Microsoft to deliver high quality projects including Microsoft related products such as LS Retail. Moreover, we have more than 60 Microsoft certified professionals as employees to help analyze, design and deploy the project so that you receive the best out of the solution.  

Hesitate no more! Let us show you what LS Retail can do for your business and book a FREE demo or consultation now!