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It’s been approximately two decades since Jet Reports came into existence. The software solution is now serving more than 10,000 companies across the globe. Jet Reports is a business intelligence solution that helps organizations by providing actionable insights through data-driven reports.

The application is specifically built to serve the needs of Microsoft ERP users. Jet Reports can integrate with different Microsoft ERP solutions and give access to the hidden insights. As per the metrics you set, Jet Reports provide you with information about the present business performance. Therefore, you can learn about your business in real-time.

Jet Reports offer three products. Out of all three, you can make the selection as per your business requirements.

jet reports

Jet Express for Excel

Jet Express is an add-on available with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The application efficiently creates general reports with the use of Excel. If you are a Microsoft Dynamics NAV user, you can even use Jet Reports for Excel for real-time reporting purposes.

All you need to do is launch Microsoft Excel and integrate Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Excel will have access to the data. Based on data, you can create financial statements and conduct general business queries to get insights.

Jet Professional

Jet Professional also requires Excel for all the operations. You can connect with almost all Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions. As the ERP software is designed to integrate with Jet Professional, there will be no errors while conducting the data transfer.

Microsoft Excel is available as a web-based application too. Therefore, you can check the reports from anywhere. Moreover, Jet Reports allows multiple users to collaborate and share the reports worldwide with a defined access level.

jet reports
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Jet Enterprise

Jet Enterprise is the ultimate solution that provides access to data instantly, without technical support, and without accommodating errors.

It owns a visually stunning dashboard where you can check the data turning into insights. Moreover, you won’t need additional resources for creating reports. The application can be a powerful tool for identifying trends, uniformity, and efficiency issues.

Jet Enterprise, with the help of business intelligence, can completely automate the data warehouse. It can exhibit the correct decisions at the corporate level and help your business move in the right direction.

Besides that, the turnkey installation takes only a few hours, making it easier to generate insights rapidly. What more you get here is a cost-effective plan allowing even the medium-sized businesses to benefit from the application.

You can even include an unlimited number of users from a single account. This way, you only need to make a minimal payment irrespective of the number of resources collaborating through one account.

Jet Enterprise is completely flexible to customization, where you can drag and drop each element. When you design the user interface yourself, you can do it at your convenience.

Overall, Jet Enterprise is the ultimate solution when looking to get in-depth insights with ease.

Why Switch to Jet Reports?

With time, the software products are advancing, and so is business intelligence. Jet Reports is one such solution that will take away all the woes of manually finding the insights.

Accuracy Guaranteed
When you rely on manual processes, they may be flawed. Humans can make errors even after taking a lot of time in data analysis. Inaccuracy can cause a negative impact on your business. Therefore, switching to Jet Reports is an ideal solution, as every attribute is automated.
No More Time-consuming Process
When you try to find out insights manually, your resources require spending a lot of time. The need to find the data, arrange it, learn it, and conduct trial and error. Jet Reports can easily replace such efforts. You can cut your expenditure on resources. At the same time, you get insights in no time.
Accuracy Guaranteed
When you rely on manual processes, they may be flawed. Humans can make errors even after taking a lot of time in data analysis. Inaccuracy can cause a negative impact on your business. Therefore, switching to Jet Reports is an ideal solution, as every attribute is automated.
Insight Delivered with Ease
When you switch to Jet Reports, the insights will appear clearly. Your management can take decisions based on that. Moreover, anyone with the least knowledge of business intelligence can use, run queries, and generate results.
Why Switch to Jet Reports

Integrate it With Microsoft ERP Solutions

Get the Software that Understands Your Business

Features of Jet Reports

As there are predefined reports available, you don’t need experts to configure the application as per your business needs. The pre-defined reports work fine irrespective of the business model. Moreover, if you wish to generate new reports, there won’t be a need of technical expertise. You can create reports yourself for any of your business aspects.
Jet Reports helps you to create financial reports accurately. Moreover, you can do it by connecting the Jet Reports to Microsoft Excel. Therefore, you keep generating queries in Excel, and reports will appear through Jet Reports. In addition to that, you can connect the application to Microsoft ERP products and get data in real-time.
When working on other reporting applications, you might doubt the accuracy, but not with Jet Reports. Jet Reports exactly works how you want it. You can set the automation and get the changes in real-time. Whatever information becomes visible to you is according to the metrics you set. Therefore, you never need to make a second guess whether the insight is true or not.
Jet Reports Integration

Jet Reports Integration with Microsoft ERP Products

Jet Reports is specifically designed to integrate with Microsoft ERP Products. It seamlessly connects with Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics GP, Dynamics NAV, Dynamics NAV C5, and Dynamics SL.

After you integrate any of these products with Jet Reports, the data transfer can take place at high speed. Once the data transfer occurs, you start getting actionable insights in real-time.

There are no security issues as Jet Reports has appeared as one of the most reliable business intelligence applications. On the other hand, you get the support of Microsoft ERP products. Therefore, integrating Jet Reports and Microsoft Products is a preferable solution for conducting business intelligence.

Get Reports with Jet Speed

By Using Jet Reports

Web Masters Jet Reports Integration Service

It is true that using Jet Reports is straightforward. However, you would need one-time technical support for integrating Jet Reports with Microsoft ERP products.

You need experts for this purpose, as if you try to do the integration yourself, it may lead to errors. Because of that, the reports generated won’t be accurate. Therefore, the whole purpose of using Jet Reports will remain unsolved.

You can take advantage of our inexpensive service and let us do the job for you. Our experts are familiar with all the Microsoft ERP solutions. The service doesn’t take much time, and it can even be performed remotely. If on-premises presence is necessary, that option is available too.

Besides integration, if you want us to create reports for you, that’s possible too. We can configure and customize the entire application making it way easier and user-ready.

 Jet Reports Integration Service
Moreover, we even provide a training service to all your staff members explaining how the integration functions. We even explain to them the troubleshooting methods they can use whenever there is an integration error.

However, if any major error arises, you can always rely on us. We provide a support service for Jet Reports, Microsoft ERP products, and integration between them.

If it’s possible, we can access the system and data remotely to solve the issue. If not, we provide on-premises support and strive to solve the issues in the minimum possible time.

Whatever needs you have related to any Jet Reports or Microsoft ERP products, you can communicate with us. We will be there to serve you with our knowledge, skills, and experience.

Integrate Jet Reports with Microsoft ERP,

And Watch Your Business Move Upwards with the Jet Speed.
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