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Microsoft Power BI is one of the most powerful tools for conducting business analytics. The software as a service product is offered by Microsoft, aiming for business development with the help of data-driven decisions.

The product allows its user to visualize the data and learn about the hidden insights which aren’t visible on the surface. The application is designed, keeping a simple user interface as the priority. Therefore, anyone with the least experience with such tools can also easily use and get familiar with Power BI.

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A Brief History of Microsoft Power BI

The creator of Power BI is Ron George, who made it available in 2010 with the name Project Crescent. Later, it was developed by Microsoft’s Thierry D’Hers and Amir Netz. Later, in 2013, it was launched by Microsoft as Power BI.

The application was particularly created to work with Office 365. It was an add-in to Microsoft Excel, having options such as Power Query, Power View, and Power Pivot.

Microsoft introduced many more features related to query solution, large scale data connectivity, and security with time. The application was released for everyone to use in mid-2015.

Why Use Power BI?

Power BI is one of the fastest-growing business intelligence clouds application. The application lets you connect and share insights anywhere globally, helping global businesses take concrete decisions and mitigate losses.

Self-Service and Enterprise Analytics

Power Bi offers a unified platform for self-service and enterprise analytics. With this help, you can have access to:

  1. Robust semantics model
  2. Application lifecycle management toolkit
  3. Thorough reports for different aspects
  4. Open connectivity framework
Finding out Powerful Insights Fast

The application simplifies the analysis. Moreover, the overall time to generate insights is lesser than what it would take to generate insights using other applications. Power BI is a platform where analysts, data scientists, and engineers can come together to take accurate decisions.

Improved Business intelligence Accuracy

You can identify the insight and take decisions more accurately due to Microsoft’s advanced-level artificial intelligence. The accurate data speed up the tasks, and you can implement the decisions fast without much worrying about their accuracy.

Find Insights using Microsoft AI

You get the support of the powerful Microsoft AI. You will be the first one to take advantage. It makes it easier for IT engineers to prepare data. With its help, you can generate machine learning models. Whether the data is structured or unstructured, it will still be easier to generate insights. You can even include images as a part of the data.

Integrate with Excel

There is no other analytics software that matches Excel with such perfection other than Power BI. With Excel’s integration, you can seamlessly bring the data generated in Excel to Power BI’s data in a visualized format.

Automating Workflow by Using Power BI

Power BI generates insights which you can turn into actionable formats. All you need is to connect Power BI with other Power Apps. This gives the power to take action as per the insight and automate the workflow. You can still have complete control over how you wish to proceed.

Stream Analytics in real-time

Power BI can provide you with real-time results. Therefore, you can check out the present changes as well as the past ones. It gives you an idea of how a decision is performing at present. It will help you to make rapid changes as per your learning.

Different Power BI Products

Power BI Desktop is a powerful tool that you can download and use through your desktop. All you need is the data that you can extract from multiple sources. It can be Microsoft Excel, Dynamics 365, Azure SQL, and many more.

The data from different aspects of these tools fit in with Microsoft Power BI without making additional efforts for configuration. Therefore, data preparation is straightforward, and you get to save a lot of time. Moreover, Power BI lets you transform the data how you want it and enrich your insights.

With the help of Power BI Desktop, you can dig deeper into data. It lets you identify the pattern which is not visible without the help of Power BI. The application owns features such as grouping, clustering, and forecasting.

With the aim of making the application powerful and user-friendly simultaneously, the new AI capabilities of power BI allow a user to work even without coding. Yet, it can help to identify actionable insights and drive strategic outcomes.

The Power BI desktop even lets you create stunning reports with powerful Microsoft data visualization. You can create your power BI visuals or use the pre-defined ones. There are exclusive tools for designing, theming, and formatting the reports.

Power BI Pro is the ultimate solution if you are looking to discover quick insights with ease. You can raise queries in conversation language and get suitable answers to them. There are pre-built report templates for different business aspects. Therefore, you won’t need to wait much to get insight.

You can mark the important content and valuable insights. If you wish to share the information with others, you can provide them with customer access.

The product even eases down the skill requirement. You can connect Power BI with any of your favorite tools and gain insights using those tools.

As the data is managed centrally, it helps you to prevent data loss. Moreover, as you have the option of providing access as per the specific job role, there is no room for data theft. By using Power BI Pro, your data security standards meet compliance regulations.

Power Bi Premium allows a user to have complete access to the software. You can either choose to get an individual license or go forward as per the requirement.

Besides that, you have the choice to go for on-premises deployment or cloud deployment. You can choose the one according to the option suitable for your organization. The cloud deployment requires minimal changes to the configuration as your company scales. It even ensures the least downtime and has the ability to perform without failure, even during high load.

Like any other Microsoft Power BI products, you can integrate this one also with the common solutions. You need to prepare the data once, and after that, you can use it multiple times for finding insights related to multiple aspects.

With Power BI premium, analytics will keep performing to provide you real-time insights. You won’t need to use additional tools for data management, security, and governance. Therefore, overall, it decreases the burden on the IT department.

Power BI Mobile makes it easy for everyone to access insights through any of the mobile devices. You can check the dashboard and different reports just by your mobile app.

You can even access the raw data stored on-premises or in the cloud. Even for mobile devices, data protection is robust, ensuring no data leakage.

Suppose you want to view real-time insights, that’s possible too. Based on different business activities, the reports and insights will keep changing. The Power BI is advancing by implementing natural language processes, making the insights more humane than before.

Besides that, you can even check the insight for different places by using the location filter. It gives you the power to know how your business is performing at these locations.

Power BI has taken collaboration to the next level. You can share the data or even the screen with all your team members with a few clicks. Therefore, you can host and present in a meeting from any place with an internet connection.

What more? You can even enable push notifications on your device for getting specific data alerts. This will keep you updated about the changes taking place in the defined metrics.

Robust Analytics with Customizable Reporting

Web Masters Power BI Services

Web Masters is one of the gold partners of Microsoft in providing ERP solutions. Our company is working for more than three decades, serving various businesses by implementing ERP solutions.

We are working closely with Power BI development. We are well-aware of the updates taking place and how they can benefit your business.

Our aim by implementing Power BI for your business to drive growth with the help of insights. We are familiar with each of the Power BI products and have worked to integrate them with Azure, Office 365, and Dynamics 365.

Besides implementation, we also provide training, migration, and post-service services. If you are already using another application for analytics, we can transfer all the data to Microsoft Power BI.

LS Central for Retail Highly Optimized POS & Back-Office Integration

If your employees need the training to get familiar with the Power BI, we can do that. We can provide general training for all or exclusive training as per the job role.

Even if you have any change in requirement or face any issue, you can call our support team. They will be at your service as soon as possible.

Not only Power BI, but we also provide all kinds of services for other Microsoft ERP solutions too such as LS One, LS Central, LS Nav, etc.

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