LS One for Retail Integration with SAP Business One

LS One for Retail owns every feature that your retail business requires. You name the requirement, and LS One for Retail has a solution to it. There is inventory management, real-time synchronization, and easy-to-understand POS, and whatnot. The functionality is huge, but it becomes endless when you integrate it with SAP Business One.

SAP is a world-class organization that develops ERP solutions. The brand value SAP owns, make each of its products trustworthy. Along with retail, your business must be having requirements such as finance management, accounting, human resource management, and many other aspects.

When you use two different products, one for retail and another for all other business aspects, you need to do additional work. Additional work of transferring all the data from retail software to ERP software and vice versa.

You can’t keep doing it multiple times in a day. However, when using two different applications, there isn’t any other way.

We suggest integrating LS One for Retail with SAP Business One to eliminate the extra efforts. The integration will deliver enterprise-level functionality and handle the retail business at the same time. There will be a strong bridge between the application. The bridge would allow real-time synchronization ensuring efficient data flow and avoiding errors and duplication.

What are the benefits of LS One for Retail Integration with SAP Business One?

You must be thinking that there is a possibility of integrating different retail software apps with SAP Business One. Then, why should you choose LS One for Retail?

The LS One for Retail is exclusively designed to integrate with SAP Business One. On the other side, the SAP B1 framework is also designed keeping the integration aspect into consideration.

When you integrate these two applications, it won’t require huge effort to modify the application’s design to integrate them seamlessly.

Using another retail application may lead to errors as you won’t know how the integration will perform. It may lead to faults and cause harm to businesses when major faults and data security issues arise.

Both LS Retail and SAP acknowledge the LS one for Retail integration with SAP Business One. Therefore, you will be backed up by your service provider and companies’ support teams whenever an issue arises.

The integration will take away the pain of making the manual entries. Even during the integration, you won’t need to add any data manually. Also, the chances of losing the data are minimal.

If you are using LS One for Retail already, we will map the data one LS One for Retail according to SAP Business One. If you do not use LS Retail but other software, we can help you in migration as well.

There are pre-defined tools for supporting the integration, making the process straightforward.

The LS One development pack contains all that you need. It has a set of plugins making exclusively created for the integration.

Also, after the integration, you won’t find the need to compromise with the functionality. Both the applications work almost independently with a secured link for data flow.

Moreover, it won’t need to complicate the user interface. Therefore, the integration will only improve the functioning of the business without having any negative side.

Important Features of LS One for Retail Integration with SAP Business One

LS Central for Retail Manage Multiple Retail Attributes from One Platform

Efficient Connectivity

Whenever you change pricing, information, inventory, or any other modification on SAP Business One, it flows down to the POS in real-time or on a schedule.

According to the updated information, you can make transactions through LS One POS. From LS One, the transaction data is transferred back to SAP Business One. In SAP, the books and accounts remain updated in accordance with the transferred data.

Such efficient connectivity is applicable to multiple retail stores. In those stores, besides the till, if a transaction is made through the mobile POS system, its data can also be transferred to the SAP.

If you do not wish to integrate any of your stores or particular POS systems to SAP Business One, that’s also possible. Similarly, the changes made on SAP Business One can be made visible on selected POS systems.

Even if you do not have proper internet connectivity, you can continue with your retail operations. The transaction made, gift card sold, customer data gathered, etc., will be stored locally. Whenever the internet gets restored, all the required data is delivered to SAP Business One. It ensures faultless synchronization between your retail operations and other business aspects.

Powerful Reports and Analytics

As both LS Retail and SAP back you, you will receive high-end reporting and analytics. LS One for Retail can provide your reporting related to retail aspects. However, when you integrate it with SAP Business One, you get a common platform for all your reporting and analytics. It makes reporting simpler and allows to cover a wider range of aspects.

Therefore, you won’t require to conduct reporting for retail attributes separately. Through SAP Business One, you can track stores’ performance, overall business performance, human resource KPI, financial growth, etc. Overall, the reporting and analytics’ operationality becomes tremendously better. Even after integrating with SAP Business One, you can use Power BI if you find it essential.

LS Central for Retail Keep Your Accounting Data Organized
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Delivering a Better Customer Experience

With the help of LS One for Retail integration with SAP Business One, you get the opportunity to improve the customer experience.

LS One for retail is designed to deliver a personalized experience to customers. When integrated with SAP Business One, its functions get boosted.

Using the analytics provided by SAP business one, you can conduct upselling and cross-selling to convert easily. With the help of reporting, you can find out details of customer history. It will allow you to take care of your loyal customers by targeting them with discounts and offers.

Applications Scale with Business Growth

When you open a new store or add a new section to your inventory, you may need to make changes in your application. Sometimes, it requires complete reconfiguration if you choose the wrong business management tools.

However, with LS One for Retail Integration with SAP Business One, there won’t be much trouble. You just need to add the store information on the LS One’s back-office. The POS and SAP B1 will automatically be linked.

Using this integration, you can easily grow your business without putting a thought about reconfiguration. Setting the data on the software is the aspect about which you should be least worried.

LS Central for Retail Highly Optimized POS & Back-Office Integration

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Web Masters provides LS One for Retail Integration services with SAP Business One

Web Masters is one of the first Microsoft Gold Partners which provides LS One for Retail Integration with SAP Business One. We are following the development of the integration since its initial stage.

We have monitored the improvements closely. Also, we analyzed how it helped our clients and even other businesses to grow. We obtained a positive response where the clients’ businesses flourish, and even it’s less burdened now.

We provide all the services related to LS One for Retail Integration with SAP Business One Services. We offer deployment, implementation, provide staff training, and post-service support to our clients. It ensures that they don’t need to face much trouble. All your ERP and Retail solutions related requirements will be channeled through us.

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Our Strength

  • We have a team of skilled Microsoft Dynamics professionals who have experience in the implementation and configuration of Microsoft ERP products as well as SAP products.
  • We are Microsoft ERP Gold Partners and silver partners in cloud solutions. As Microsoft trusts our capabilities, there can’t be a doubt in our reliability.
  • We follow data security norms with utmost seriousness. Our internal policies ensure to provide the highest priority to your privacy.
  • We have implemented LS One for Retail in a variety of retail formats and types. We carry the required experience and skills to provide you the best LS One for Retail integration services with SAP Business One.


First, I wasn’t sure about integrating LS One and SAP B1. Somehow, Web Masters convinced me by explaining the benefits. I won’t lie. It really seemed promising to me. Then, I moved forward, and I was right. It helped me to make my business better. Everything was seamless, and we don’t need to make efforts to find data, or it isn’t very clear. It’s straightforward, and I am happy with their service.

Webmasters helped me integrating SAP business One and LS One, which I use for my retail business. Now, my operations are guided easily, not just retail, but all related to HR, finance, etc. It’s great! I would suggest every retail owner give it a try.


Whatever data gets collected through the POS is transferred to SAP B1, such as transaction details, customer info, end of day producers, the quantity of the item sold, etc. Whenever you add an item to SAP’s inventory, it gets reflected on the POS. It also provides information about different item groups and sections.
The integration facilitates the user with the option that where it wants to store the information. SAP B1 retrieves the data and manages every detail. It automatically detects the transactions and items which were already retrieved and skipped them to ensure no confusion occurs.

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