Requirements Gathering

Often it happens that software deployment projects start
impulsively or prematurely.

Requirements Gathering

This generally happens because of over eagerness to run the project quickly and validate that the work has been done. Due to all such activities these projects run over time, gets complexities, often the cost increases because it goes out of budget and ultimately the desired result is not achieved.

Is your business performing as it should?

At Web Masters, we make sure that your business performs well and take proven steps to avoid this. We start this process with gathering the required information. Because requirements are crucial for outlining, estimating and managing the project.

Though there is no definite practice to carry out gathering information/ requirements we implement different strategies to identify and analyze a project’s requirements.

What’s Included?

Individualized and group interviews

We incorporate the practice of sitting and discussing the requirements of the project with the best qualified and experts to set out the initial requirements, problems and expectation. Eventually, after consecutive interviews and pro-quo sessions, we arrive at clarity of purpose and come to an agreed decision of the objectives of the project. We discuss the time frame, resources required and other things related to project achieve the desired goal.

Brainstorming Sessions

Too many times it is important to carry out brainstorming sessions with customers to generate ideas, uncover insights, fresh visions and discuss relevant challenges and opportunities. The conclusion of such sessions are used to build consensus and identify solutions.


There’s no doubt that observing the users who handle system could prove highly effective. This is because it will help us to gather data about what suits whom best and so we can generalize plans to act accordingly. We can add these findings in our project.

Surveys and Feedback

We conduct surveys and collect feedback from users to collect data which we can translate into acumen later.

Requirements Document

After doing all the above mentioned we come to document our finding which is the last step in requirement gathering. Needless to say, this document consists of all the necessary details related to project like time frames, priorities, visions, insights, objectives, roles and responsibility.

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