When IT is
not just about installation

When you purchase an IT system, you need more than just
an implementation service

We believe in service quality

Quality is something that is intangible, so how does one ensure quality? In Web Masters, we always have a standard process to go through so as to deliver our project smoothly. This is how we control and deliver quality implementation.

Diagnose, Analyze & Design

The Steps To A Quality Implementation

  1. Hold an initial meeting to understand your business and present the most suitable solution, out of all products that we carry
  2. Provide initial sample demo about the functions of the system – to give a rough idea about the system
  3. Gather questions, sample data and business process to input into the system to provide a more relevant demonstration
  4. Look into loopholes and areas in the business that need to be improved
  5. Provide ideas and suggestions on how operation processes can be improved with automation using the system
  6. Conduct in-depth business analysis to run through each and every process thoroughly
  7. Design the system in a way that not just caters to your current business process but provide more than that e.g. better efficiency, change the wrong way of doing things in the past
  8. User testing of the system to suggest if any changes need to be made
  9. Training of users and transfer of all knowledge to our client company

Why choose Web Masters?

Does it mean that by purely following a standard procedure, there is a guaranteed quality?

Having a project deployment strategy in place definitely impacts the outcome of the IT project. To deliver a smooth system implementation, there is a need to have a proper planning and documentation.

But that’s not all. Following a plan does not mean that the project satisfies your requirement entirely, because the main limitation lies in the ability of the experts who implement the solution for you.

Luckily in Web Masters, we have our experts ready to guide you through the process. Providing different types of IT solution to different types of customers, we cater specifically to your industry and allocate suitable resources for you.

If you are in the jewellery industry, our jewellery solution is highly recognized by big players in the field. Being the leading jewellery solution provider in Dubai, known as The City of Gold, we have expanded across the globe serving jewellers of all sizes, including companies who have hundreds of employees working under their jewellery brand. Top players in the trading arena also rely on our technology to help them manage their day-to-day operations smoothly.
If you are operating in the retail industry, we have serviced thousands of retailers who are using our solutions – be it our jewellery retail solution, in-house retail system, or Microsoft retail solution. We have the experience dealing with small boutique shops and also big branches with well-known international brand names.
We understand your industry inside-out, our experience and expertise in your business arena are what differentiate us from other IT solution providers. We believe that it’s important to not just install a software but also to transfer knowledge that will help your business. Don’t hesitate to contact us, it’s always easier to get more information from us than to invest in tremendous time to figure things out yourself.

If you are looking at our Microsoft suite of products, then we can safely say that we employed more than 60 Microsoft certified professionals in Web Masters. Our people passed various Microsoft exams and are recognized by Microsoft to implement specific solutions pertaining to their expertise. No matter if it’s complex ERP solution, to going on Cloud, or the simplest Office 365 – we have the know-how of everything. Being in the IT industry for 20+ years working with Microsoft, we are a proud Microsoft Gold Partner and we serve our customers the best quality.

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