Visual WinGold

A better control for your day-to-day jewellery business

A complete jewellery management solution

From front-end Point of Sale to back-end inventory, Visual WinGold integrates every part of your business together to provide you a holistic solution that manages your daily operations with higher accuracy, greater efficiency and lesser labour involved.

Gold, Silver and Precious Metals

  • Easily control your stocks using number of pieces and number of grams 
  • Manage your manufacturing process for jewellers who have factories for production/design  
  • Easily manage and control your entire operation from purchase to sales 
  • Automatic calculate purity difference to save your time and energy  
  • Analyze various aspects of your business such as Making Charges Analysis, Item Wise Profit Analysis, and many more  
  • Understand metal movement and metal average costing (fixing position)  

        When it comes to gold and other precious metals, it is important yet frustrating to deal with fluctuating prices. You’ll also need to monitor your gold making charges and labour costs when it comes to production and design. With Visual WinGold, we take care of everything that you need to consider while running a gold and precious metal related business, together with powerful finance module to manage your accounting.

Loose Diamonds and Precious Stones

  • Easily control your stocks using number of pieces and number of carats  
  • Allows you to manage your purchase, sales, consignment and returns  
  • Manage “split and mix” whereby you can track and reuse gem stones to remake new jewellery designs  
  • Stocks, sales and purchase analysis (color, clarity, shape, cut, type) 
  • Item enquiry with stock ledger and profit analysis  
  • Able to track Issue Note status for workshop  
  • Supports stock ledger with multiple currency 

        Each stone is unique, and you may want to attach a unique code to individual stones for item tracking. But more to it is to keep track of the profits to ensure that your jewellery business is profitable. Manage your stocks and accounting with Visual WinGold where you can conduct item wise, invoice wise and party wise profit analysis. You can always reuse your gem stones for new pieces of jewellery and keep track of their stock and prices easily using Visual WinGold.

Diamond Jewellery and Watches

  • Unique serial number concept 
  • Easily manage your purchase, sales, consignment and returns 
  • Able to get stocks, sales and profit analysis on various areas such as suppliers, designs, consignments, costs etc.  
  • Jewellery certificate  
  • Automatic price update  
  • Allow stock verification with barcode scanner  

        When it comes to diamond jewellery and watches, tracking your stocks using a unique serial number is essential. Moreover, you may also need to look into managing manufacturing and workshops if you have a factory. Visual WinGold allows you to break down your jewellery pieces into each component with details so that you have full knowledge and control of your inventories.

Point of Sale (POS) System

  • User define keyboard for flexibility  
  • Touch screen enabled for faster transactions  
  • Bar code scanner enabled for accurate transactions 
  • Multiple cashiers control 
  • Automatic synchronize transactions and bills with back office  
  • Customer Relation Management  

          If you are in the jewellery retail business, it’s impossible to miss out on POS. You need something that is both intuitive and quick to use. Together with touch screen, bar code scanner, cashbox, electronic scale integration, you get a faster and more accurate transaction record – accuracy is crucial in your line of business. Auto-sync with back-office also allows your finance to have an easier job when it comes to managing your accounting.

Finance Module

  • VAT/GST enabled to help you manage your taxes  
  • Apply automatic tax calculation and user define their own tax template  
  • Consists of bank reconciliation and account reconciliation  
  • Able to drill down on trial balance, balance sheet, profit & loss, age analysis and many more 
  • Statement of accounts with multiple formats and multiple currencies  
  • Easily manage your purchase, sales, taxes, balance sheet etc.  
  • Availability of multiple Chart of Accounts template 

          Finance is the core of every business, especially in the jewellery industry where you need to manage fluctuating pricing, manpower charges, inventory cost tracking etc., you need to have a clear view of your finances to grow your business. Visual WinGold’s finance module helps you manage all of these together integrated on one platform. Direct sales from your store is synced so that you will get accurate data stored in the same location for a better analysis and decision-making.

Management Information System (M.I.S.)

  • Clear view of your monthly sales, purchase and inventories  
  • Sales and outstanding reports of your business based on country, city, party 
  • Audit reports are available  
  • Allows you to inquire and look for stocks based on date  
  • Able to drill down on your stock valuation for more information  
  • Age analysis for precious metal stocks  

          Reports are a must-have for any technology system. With all the data input and collected, Visual WinGold will give you table reports and graphical reports on various areas of your jewellery business to inform you how your business is doing. With such reports and analysis at your fingertips, you can easily decide what is the next step for your business, or what are the areas that you need to improve on.

What’s so special about Visual WinGold?

As a jeweller who wants to manage your entire business on an integrated platform at a good price, Visual WinGold is the one for you. Consists of accounting, Point of Sales, inventory, purchase, sales and manufacturing, Visual WinGold covers all aspects that a jeweller would look out for.

Visual WinGold’s clients are all over the world – U.A.E., Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, India, Egypt, Hong Kong, Japan, China, Russia, Kenya and many more countries. Tailored to adapt to your jewellery business, Visual WinGold is a flexible software that covers every aspect of your business and at the same time, acts as an agent for re-engineering your business.

Bringing a better control for your day-to-day activities, Visual WinGold is a proven system used by jewellery showrooms, corporations, retail stores, wholesalers, manufacturers and factories to manage their business.

Why get Visual WinGold from Web Masters?

Visual WinGold has been in the market for over 20 years. Our own team of professionals come together to develop this system – not merely looking at the technical aspects but also the various business functions.

Visual WinGold is developed and implemented by our in-house team of professionals who have thorough insights into the gold and jewellery business. Hence we know very well, exactly, how your business works no matter if you’re a factory, wholesaler, distributor or retail sales.

Not just people with IT background are in our team, we also involve engineers, computer applications and commerce professionals, together with Chartered Accountants to provide advice on building our finance module based on sound accounting principles to give you the best business process that we can.

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