Microsoft Office 365

All of us use Microsoft Office, but do you know
what is Office 365? 

What is Office 365?

In summary, Office 365 is more than just Outlook, Excel, Words and PowerPoint. It is a modern tool to synchronize all basic day-to-day functions that you’re using, to provide more convenience and improve efficiency in the way you work.

What you’re subscribing to is the time you saved and the data you secured. Learn more about Office 365 below.  

Synchronize all your work together

  • Tight integration among different applications  
  • No confusion with duplicated documents  

Imagine simply open the document within your email and edit and send immediately. You don’t even need the extra step of downloading the document, edit, rename and then upload it again to email it out. 

High security to protect your information

  • Easily recover different versions of documents that users accidentally deleted
  • Set security rights for users centrally from one area

Admins will have access to security rights and determine what the users can or cannot do with Office 365. If you’re looking at more advance functions such as EMS (Enterprise Mobility System) to compliment Office 365, feel free to contact us.

Always on the go

  • Each user has 1TB of storage data 
  • Easily collaborate your work with other co-workers

For those who are keen to access documents while outside of office, admins can allow you to upload and download documents even if you’re not physically in the office in front of your computer. This is especially helpful for people who are mobile and need to move around for work.  

Always updating with the latest, coolest functions

  • Get new functions added every now and then
  • No need to purchase upgraded system as it will automatically update itself

Every few years, companies have to purchase new Office to be installed in various computers. Imagine the time taken and labour efforts to do that for each and every computer! With Office 365, you will always gain access to the latest and most convenient way of working. 

Various benefits of using Office 365


  • 50GB mailbox with industry’s best spam and malware protection 
  • Document edit can be done just within the email itself and reply to sender with updated version 
  • Easily download and upload documents from both your computer and Cloud sources 
  • Create Outlook groups for co-workers so that emails, documents, conversations and notes are updated to everyone in the group 
  • Sync with Microsoft CRM so that you can create sales leads just within the email itself  
  • Connect with social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn to see contact updates in contact card 


  • A collaboration and document management tool  
  • Tightly integrate with other applications such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint to enhance collaboration  
  • Able to work together with co-workers to edit documents at the same time  
  • Easily manage external user access so that clients/vendors can edit documents too  
  • Able to retrieve version history if documents were accidentally deleted from the folder  
  • Able to track changes made by individual users and restore such changes if necessary  
  • Accelerate shared business processes 


  • Each user has 1TB storage in OneDrive  
  • Easily create, organize and store your documents within OneDrive just like your computer drive  
  • Able to use as a sync tool to update files across devices  
  • Also use it as a back-up tool for emergency purposes and data loss prevention 
  • Admin get to control users’ access to OneDrive when they are logging in from outside of office 


  • Help users find colleagues to create, edit and share documents  
  • Able to search based on keywords to look for documents that contain that keyword 
  • Able to set up security access so that only authorized users can see the documents  
  • Like SharePoint, this is a document management and collaboration tool 
  • Easily return to recent content to continue working on it, without having to search  
  • Users can quickly access emails and notifications through Delve 


  • Works as an Enterprise Social Network  
  • Similar user interface like Facebook to update status within the company  
  • Make use of hashtags to create and monitor trending topics within the company  
  • To be used for better employee engagement and team collaboration 
  • Help to enhance relationships between co-workers and share non-official, fun information among the office  
  • Groups can be created so that information is only being shared within that group  
  • Human Resource department can conduct polls using Yammer to gather ideas e.g. which date to organize Dinner & Dance  
  • Able to give access to external network if required  

Skype for Business

  • Conduct meetings, video conferences, webminars and trainings easily  
  • Able to record conversation for easy referencing in the future  
  • Share desktop to present your screen e.g. presentation using PowerPoint  
  • Allow access to the other party to help in activities required e.g. installation of desktop applications  
  • A convenient and easy-to-use communication tool no matter where you are  
  • Able to search conversation history based on keywords to look for information discussed   
  • Easily share attachments/documents 
  • Use Skype to conduct Q&A session or a poll to collect information   

Office 365 is the modern office tool for you

There are numerous benefits such as updates of better functions in our daily usage of Word, Excel, PowerPoint; automating and managing workflows with Flow; using PowerApps to create your own apps for various purposes…

Are you still hesitating if Office 365 is for you?

Speak with our friendly representatives to find out more about Office 365 and their various pricing. Let us help you to transit smoothly into a more collaborative, efficient and hassle-free work space!

Why Web Masters?

We have been a Microsoft partner for 20 years. Office 365 is the simplest and most basic product that we have handled. You can purchase directly from Microsoft, but we can come in to provide you a better pricing and an easier method to install and transit you into a modern business.  

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