LS Central for Retail

LS Central for Retail businesses is one unified solution that is efficient in handling all your retail aspects. Therefore, you will not need to depend on various applications to manage your transactions, inventory, and analytics. LS Central for Retail, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, has features that help a user to reduce the time, cost, and resources required to manage the retail business.

Benefits of LS Central for Retail

LS Central for retail management has several benefits that make the software stand out
above other products, making it a perfect fit for your business.

LS Central for Retail Manage Multiple Retail Attributes from One Platform

Manage Multiple Retail Attributes from One Platform

For different retail operations, you might be using different applications. For instance, the software you use for handling customers is different from the one you use to manage inventory. Then, you may need to transfer data from one application to another, every time you make the change. Instead of making your retail management facile, these applications make it tough.

With LS Retail management, all your operations, including purchase, sales, CRM, distribution, franchise, and financials will be catered from one single unified retail platform. This automates business processes. Whenever you make an alteration in one of the attributes, it will be reflected in other ones.

Keep Your Accounting Data Organized

One can use LS Central for retail from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. LC Central acts like Business Central POS. Therefore, whatever transactions occur through LS Central point of sale, can be directly transferred to business central.

From there, one can maintain his books of accounts and generate financial statements. This eliminates a user’s need to depend on external accounting applications and provides seamless integration between retail business processes and accounting.

LS Central for Retail Keep Your Accounting Data Organized
LS Central for Retail Customer Retention Tools

Customer Retention Tools

Customer retention is a necessary requirement to grow your business. However, you need to provide exclusive benefits to customers to make them your loyal buyers, with whom you can have long-lasting relationships.

For that reason, LS central for retail provides you with essential customer retention features. You can run offers, promotions, discounts, loyalty programs to attract customers. It is even possible to deliver customers with personalized deals for getting their engagement. You can also increase and decrease the pricing and discount depending upon the demand.

Highly Optimized POS & Back-Office Integration

LS Central POS and back-office are integrated with real-time synchronization. Therefore, whenever you make a change through back-office, it will be visible on the POS system and vice versa. This helps you have a 360-degree view of your business and performance and allows you to make data-driven decisions.

LS Central for Retail Highly Optimized POS & Back-Office Integration
LS Central for Retail Harness the power of cloud

Harness the power of cloud

LS Central for retail can be deployed in the Microsoft Cloud so that you need not buy costly hardware and servers. Further, you don’t need to recruit technical staff to maintain LS Central as the software maintenance and upgrade is Web Masters responsibility.

With the cloud-based deployment, you can access LS Central from anywhere, anytime, and access reports in a highly secured environment. One also has an option to run LS Central for Retail on-premise or as a hybrid solution.

LS Central for Retail: Functionality

Head office

  • Create and manage stores and POS
  • Manage products, hierarchies, groups
  • Manage pricing, offers, coupons, loyalty, programs and campaigns
  • Manage products inventories, replenishment, and forecasts
  • Manage vendors
  • Create and share Business Intelligence Reports

Store back office

  • Manage store operations
  • Manage product replenishment
  • Manage user permissions
  • Receive, pick and transfer goods
  • Take stock count and make adjustments
  • Keep an eye on sales and performance

Store front office

  • Manage POS operations on POS machines and mobile
  • Close sales, receive payments and manage special orders
  • Cross-sell and upsell products using AI powered suggestions
  • Manage cusotmer loyalty program

Frustrated with insufficient financial reports

Get reports when and where you need them.

Features in detail

Reduction in expenditure

LS Central for Retail Reduction in expenditure
  • No need to expend money for buying multiple applications for Retail Management if you are using LS Central for Retail
  • The simple user interface makes it easy for staff to use it, and eventually improves productivity
  • All the financial data is kept organized, helping you in making fruitful decisions

Attract Potential Customers

  • Upsell and Cross-sell products to your customers by using smart LS Central features.
  • Make changes in price as per the demand of the product. Keep the price low when it’s low demand and increase the price as the demand increases.
  • You can also improve the sale of low-demand products by running promotions.
  • You can enhance the customer experience by making it personalized.
  • Generate a loyalty program that encourages customers to visit your shop again and again.
LS Central for Retail Attract Potential Customers

LS Central POS (LS Central Point of Sale)

LS Central for Retail LS Central Point of Sale
  • Use LS Central POS with the same efficiency even when internet connectivity is not present.
  • Recommend items to users based upon their previous purchase history.
  • Empower employees by allowing them to track the stock level of different products for their as well as other store branches.

LS Central for Retail: Inventory Management

  • LS Central for retail automates the ordering of products whenever the stock level goes down.
  • You can put a check on the stock level in the warehouse and transfer it to different stores accordingly.
  • Issue budgets before purchasing a product and make sure to sell products with the required profit margin.
  • Keep items serial controlled, assign products under different categories, and define related-products for accurate cross-selling using LS Central Inventory Management.
LS Central for Retail: Inventory Management

LS Central Product Management

LS Central Product Management
  • Directly import the products along with its details using the CSV file. You just require mapping of products’ details with the sample CSV file provided by LS Central.
  • You can group your items into different categories and further group them into-subcategories. LS Central Product Management delivers ease by this efficient hierarchy system of products.
  • You can directly run offers or discounts for different categories or subcategories.
  • LS Central allows allocating different features to a product. If a product field is missing in LS Central, it is possible to generate user-defined fields.

LS Central Staff Management

  • The store manager can keep the employee information, track their working hours, manage the staff leaves, etc. You can even choose to provide this authority only to higher management.
  • Through LS Central for retail businesses, you can efficiently analyze the performance of your employees by tracking sales, working hours, and other KPIs.
LS Central Staff Management

LS Central Reports

LS Central Reports
  • Using LS Central reports, you can observe the trends and identify the products which are in demand. Based on such reports, you can build a better business-customer bond using retargeting.
  • LS Central for retail businesses offers you advanced-level reporting letting you conduct the sales and tax analytics.
  • It can even notify you if reports indicate the performance is not as per the business goals.

LS Central eCommerce Features

  • With LS central, you can take your business online as it seamlessly integrates with e-commerce platforms. This makes the application beneficial as you do not need an additional application to track your online business.
  • There is a “Click and Collect” function, which lets a customer conduct online shopping and collect the product from the store as per his convenience.
LS Central eCommerce Features
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LS Central for Retail: Pricing

The pricing of LS Central for Retail differs according to the total number of named users for which you want access of the application. The total pricing also depends upon the number of POS devices on which you are going to install the software. Contact Us now to know LS Central pricing considering your requirements.

LS Central Enhancements

If you already have LS Central installed in your application and looking for making better use of it, we are here to help you. LS Central comes with several add-ons, including AI, voice search, etc., and one can configure them as per his needs to take advantage of the latest technology.

Web Masters provides implementation services for LS Activity, LS Insight, and LS Recommend.

LS Activity
LS Activity automates reservations, classes, ticketing, and events, and offers a unique customer experience.

LS Insight
LS Insight is a cloud-based BI suite providing actionable reports to retailers to help them make better business decisions.

LS Recommend
LS Recommend is an artificial intelligence-powered product recommendation engine. It provides predictive insight to the sales staff and e-commerce website.

LS Central for Retail Consulting Services

We can configure all your business operations, including barcodes, coupons, info codes, language support, LS activity, sales commission, staff management, and LS hardware station.

Using LS retail staff management, we can enhance your KPIs by which you can know the performance of your stores and staff members. We can configure and automate your POS system to recommend products for cross-selling.

Further, LS Central reports can be customized and enhanced to provide you with more information than the in-built reports. Whatever business operation you choose, we have a way to make it more fruitful for you. Learn more about our LS Central for Retail Consulting Services

LS Central Demo

Before using the application, one may need to have a demo to learn whether the application can cater to his business needs or not. The demo even improves the credibility of the application as a user will be familiar with the application before purchasing.

Contact us and schedule an LS Central demo where we will explain to you how LS Central for Retail handles all retail aspects. We will take you through each feature one by one and take care to resolve all your doubts.

Our Strengths
  • We have a team of retail and technical experts who have implemented and configured LS Central for Retail for multiple retail businesses. The team includes BI professionals and inventory management specialists.
  • We have advanced level knowledge in customizing LS retail as per your business goals. We first understand your requirements, then design an appropriate plan, verify the practicality of the plan, and then implement it.
  • Web Masters offers you with support service and on-call instant help whenever any issue or change in requirement arises. We strive not to let your business continuity suffer.
Why Web Masters

Web Masters has more than 20 years of experience in implementing Retail Solutions. LS Central for Retail is one solution for which we have conducted implementation, customization, training, enhancement, and configuration extensively. We are Microsoft Dynamics Partner since 2000 and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in Enterprise Resource (ERP) Planning.

There are multiple retail business fields such as restaurants, jewelry, apparel, supermarkets, bookstores, accessories, etc. for which we have conducted retail implementations. This makes us well-aware of different requirements of different types of retail businesses.

This understanding will help you to run your business in a better way. Whether you are a small business or a big brand, our knowledge will help your business achieve heights.


We were using an old POS system. The main issue with that was, it was not possible to use the POS if the Internet connectivity was lost. Because of this, our customers had to wait until the connection is back. It was giving us a negative impression. That’s why we contacted Web Masters to help us out. They suggested LS Central for Retail to us. It’s incredible that even if there is no internet, POS keeps on working. We are highly satisfied with Web Masters Services, and we recommend them to everyone looking to implement LS Central for Retail.

Web Masters implemented LS Central for us. We are highly impressed by their consultants, who suggested to us the right way to barcode our inventories. They also helped us in using stock replenishment effectively using LS Central.
Tracking all discounts and offers was very tough for me. LS Central Consultants from Web Masters understood our problem and configured LS Central in such a way that no two offers would clash with each other. They have helped us save costs and gain satisfied customers.


LS Central for Retail, along with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, is the best combination that delivers businesses with a complete view of retail business. It provides you with an overview of your supply chain and touchpoints, helping in refining business operating, which leads to business growth.
Yes, LS Central for Retail is available for all the languages that are offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. You can even select to have more than one language for your user interface.

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