Retail Solutions

No matter if you’re one small retail shop or
a large retail chain, we’ve got you covered.

What we provide

LS Retail Management Software

A Microsoft product trusted by retail brands from all over the world, LS Retail is an extensive retail system for brands who want to manage and automate their operations.

  • Supports both keyboard and touchscreen POS 
  • Combination of online and offline shopping for customers 
  • Oversee the entire business from headquarters  
  • Suitable for all industries including cafes, restaurants  

Ari Retail Management Solution

Developed in-house by our very own development team, Ari is built upon our previous system, Retail Insight, to serve more complex requirements for the modern retailers at a good price.

  • Intuitive POS that supports both keyboard and touchscreen devices  
  • Able to use both online and offline with sync  
  • Support various functions such as multi-stores, vendors management, customers management etc.  
  • Intuitive dashboards to present data and analysis  

LS One

A light, quick to learn and easy to customize retail POS software. It helps retailers to manage their business better and faster with more efficiency.

  • User-friendly customizable POS layout
  • Multi-stores and inventory management
  • Central management from head-office
  • Customer loyalty program

Retail Insight

Introduced to the market since 1993, Retail Insight has been a friendly companion for many of our retail clients. It is easy to use with both inventory and finance/accounting features available to manage your retail operations all-in-one.

  • Data synchronization with POS and back-office
  • Include financial module to help you manage your finances
  • Integrate, simplify and streamline retail business processes
  • Accounts receivable, accounts payable, General Ledger

Why Web Masters?

We have been in the retail industry since 1993, serving retailers like you from all over the world. From large prominent retail brands to small retail boutiques, we understand different retail operations and requirement inside-out.

We know how your business works, and what works for your business.

Don’t hesitate to engage us to share more knowledge and information. No obligations required!

Still confused about which one to get?

No worries, we totally understand! What’s the difference between all our retail solutions? Which software is the most suitable for your retail business? What is the cost?

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