LS One

A light retail software to help you stay strong in competition

Achieve more in less time with LS One

Easy to use, easy to learn and easy to customize – LS One is a light retail POS software for any type of businesses. Manage your inventories, promotions, loyalty program, customer service better and evaluate your business performance with metrics.

Improve your overall business

  • Streamline inventory and easily manage your stocks through products organization  
  • Create discounts and prices for groups of products just within one click  
  • Speed up your store check-out lines with intuitive POS solution 
  • Manage offers and discounts at POS level  
  • Can be integrated easily with your current ERP or back-office system  
  • Organize your business better with reports and analysis  
  • Go mobile with LS One to sell anytime, anywhere 

Manage your operations altogether

  • Powerful back office tools to help you manage your operations effortlessly from your central office 
  • Understand and interpret your business using LS One’s reporting functions 
  • Define your business strategies based on analysis of your business trends and status 
  • Monitor best-selling items, customer transactions, sales per hour/staff and more 
  • Configure your operations from stores, POS, customer accounts to product data, all from central office easily 
  • A completely customizable POS layout to suit your business needs

A better inventory management

  • Able to access stock data in real time from both back-office and POS level and obtain accurate product information 
  • Easily transfer items between stores so that you are not “out-of-stock” when customers need it 
  • Automatically replenish your inventory to maintain good stock levels and save your time and hassle 
  • Accurately manage your inventory by classifying through departments, groups, qualities 
  • Obtain a clear overview of stock history, stock levels and purchase orders 
  • Easily plan future purchase orders with replenishment module, create purchase orders instantly and let system calculate how much you need to purchase 
  • Inventory lookup function available for instant product information 

Intuitive Point of Sale on any devices

  • A flexible POS that allows you to optimize check-out processes  
  • Automatic calculate offers, promotion prices and special prices to enhance customer service and speed up daily operations  
  • Accept multiple payment mode e.g. cash, cards, loyalty points, foreign currency etc. 
  • Graphical user interface that can be customized base on the need of your business or user 
  • Mobile POS that can be connected on the same platform and allow quicker and more engaging services  
  • Users can log in to POS using cards, barcodes, tokens or fingerprints  
  • Centrally manage the settings to have full control of staff operations  

Engage your customers

  • Allows you to personalize your offer and reward loyal customers to create brand loyalty and drive repeated businesses 
  • Manage your customer accounts and loyalty programs easily with LS One 
  • Create new customer accounts even at the POS terminal with just a few clicks 
  • Manage your loyalty schemes with different levels of rewards to entice customers 
  • Allow customers to collect and use loyalty points to be spent in the store 
  • Able to classify customers into groups to provide special discounts, offers and prices base on the group they belonged to  

Why you should get LS One from Web Masters?

This is a question that some our clients had in mind before approaching us to install LS One (or LS Retail) for them. The first thing to be assured is that LS One is a reputable product from a reputable brand, many well-known retailers such as IKEA, are using LS Retail range of products for their own operations.  

Secondly, Web Masters has implemented hundreds to thousands of retail software for our clients in the past 20+ years. We know, at the back of our hands, how retail works and what you, as a retailer, will need the most.  

From well-known retail brands to small retail shops, we serviced a variety of retailers and understand your entire process including which areas are the most crucial for your business. Get in touch with our retail experts and gain more knowledge regarding how to enhance your retail. It is all for free! 

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