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What we provide

Visual WinGold

A comprehensive jewellery solution with accounting, point-of-sales, inventory and manufacturing modules to help jewellers like you maintain a smooth business operation.

  • Tailored to adapt to your unique jewellery business
  • Flexible and proven system by thousands of jewellers
  • Suitable for all kinds of jewellery business that you’re in
  • Manage all operations centrally

WinGold Next

Our latest development built upon Visual WinGold, we provide more complex capabilities with advance functions to cater to the ever-evolving jewellery business.

  • Finance and accounting module to manage everything all-in-one
  • High security to protect your data and business
  • RFID tags for accurate inventory management
  • Caters to a wide range of jewellery business

Why are we the leading provider in the jewellery industry?

The jewellery industry is a unique industry by itself. Being in this industry since 1995, we have met numerous jewelers from small boutiques to large brands with hundreds of employees.

With so many years of experience and implemented for thousands of jewellery brands, we understand your area of business thoroughly. No matter what kind of business you are in – whether you’re a factory, a wholesaler, a distributor or retail chain – we can manage each type of business with ease.

With Web Masters, it’s not just about managing fluctuating cost price, labour charges, manufacturing processes, accounting, retail sales and commission etc. – it’s about understanding the core of your business and suggest a better method to help you remove mundane/manual processes and pull up your overall profit and revenue.

Depending on which area of jewellery business you’re in, we can cater to your exact needs to fit your current operations.

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