Azure Cloud

Take off your workload to maintain the systems

What is Azure Cloud?

When we hear the term Cloud, we will think that it’s just about renting an external server. But questions start to revolve around it – is it safe? Is it expensive? Should we really move into Cloud?

Companies start to think about Cloud when they are evaluating their security and disaster-recovery management. Find out more about how Microsoft Azure can help you!

What Azure can do for you?

Lighten your technology workload

        When you have your own server to maintain on-site, you will have to hire someone to look after it – whether it is an in-house IT team or out-sourced to external vendors.
  • With Azure, what you’re paying for is not just the server, but also includes the manpower to maintain those server machines 
  • Azure allows you to be more carefree  
  • You can delegate other more important IT tasks to your employees, instead of taking up their time and manpower to look after the server 

It is always up and running

        Your IT team is only working on the server during office hours, but Microsoft employees work 24 hours – even when you’re sleeping, there will still be people maintaining your server.
  • On-site server is left unattended overnight 
  • It will be impossible/too expensive to have 24-7 server maintenance 
  • Microsoft guarantees 99.5-99.9% uptime 
  • Unlike on-site server that can crash and stop functioning, for 99.9% of the time, Azure is working good for you 

It comes with high security

        Microsoft Azure ensures that their clients’ data are always safe. Imagine providing for so many major companies, Microsoft needs to keep up with, and also has the power to, make sure that their security ability is at the top notch.
  • It is risky to back-up data on the same server, especially when disasters like fire can happen – back-up in the Cloud on multiple sites so that everything is safe   
  • Azure offers multi-layered, built-in security controls and unique threat intelligence 
  • Identify new threats and respond quickly with informed real-time global cybersecurity intelligence 
  • Servers were being deployed at various locations, instead of just one location so that if one is not working, others are there to back-up  

Azure is not as expensive as you think

        Some companies may do their own calculation and think that Azure is too expensive to afford. But many did not take into consideration the manpower they are using, the salary being paid, the time being spent, and the risk they are involving for a fair comparison.
  • Getting Azure means you are also saving on other costs such as the time and manpower of your IT team or external IT vendors  
  • Azure is pay-as-you-go format: you only pay what you are using, and is flexible to scale up or down any time depending on company’s need  
  • It is not one-to-one mapping – specifications for on-site server is different from Azure server – it is cheaper  
  • You don’t need to forecast and invest up-front for a server, and then get disrupted again when you have to upgrade your server 

Why do you need Web Masters?

Since Microsoft allows you to purchase Azure cloud by yourself, why do you want to spend “extra time” to engage a vendor right?

From our past experience, there are 2 scenarios: (1) client is unsure about the specifications and they try to map one-to-one based on their on-site server, and ended up paying way too much than they should; (2) IT managers were tasked to take on the project, but they are not so familiar with Cloud system and ended up not making full use of the advantage of Cloud.

Cloud computing is a modern concept, you’ll need an experienced Microsoft certified vendor to help you examine and suggest the most suitable specifications for your company. Having 60+ Microsoft certified experts, 20+ years in the Microsoft realm and being a Microsoft Silver/Gold Partner, Web Masters has proven track records to show that we are the ones who can really help.

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