LS One for Retail Integration with SAP Business One Services

LS One for Retail Integration with SAP Business delivers robust retail management and efficient handling of core business processes.

LS One for Retail is one of the most reliable retail management software. It owns an extensive number of features, which will definitely take care of all your retail requirements. With LS One for Retail, you can manage transactions easily, attract customers, turn them into loyal customers, and whatnot.

Talking about SAP Business One, it is preferable to manage general business aspects such as finance, human resources, taxation, etc. You can even manage the inventory using SAP Business One. Along with these features, you get high-functionality inbuilt analytical tools.

LS One for Retail integration with SAP Business One Consulting Services

Many businesses would be thinking about whether the investment is worth it or not. However, with our consultation, you will get the answer to all your queries.

We aim to deliver our clients with proper guidance regarding the LS one for Retail implementation with SAP Business One. In our LS One for Retail integration with SAP Business One Consulting Services, we check the current applications you are using. In addition to that, we go through your business processes. We identify the pain points and let you know how the integration between LS One for Retail and SAP Business One can be a solution to it.

Check out all our services related to LS One for Retail integration with SAP Business One. It will provide you with a complete idea of what we aim to deliver to our clients.

Make the Retail Processes Robust

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LS Central for Retail Consulting Services Needs Assessment

LS One for Retail integration with SAP Business One Needs Assessment Services

Web Masters’ needs assessment is a necessary process. It’s the best way to know what your business requires to function better and grow faster. For that purpose, we conduct thorough research and investigation.

We start with understanding the ‘AS IS’ process and interview the ground level staff as well as management. Further, we shortlist the problems which LS One for Retail Integration with SAP Business One can solve.

We study your goals and objectives and match them with the current IT environment. It helps us to detect the gaps, if any.

According to the analyzed results, we provide you a personalized integration service for your organization. Before getting started, we prepare a road map to guide the entire service.

LS One for Retail integration with SAP Business One Deployment Services

Structuring the integration between LS One for Retail and SAP Business One is a complex process. Therefore, you require reliable partners who can provide you assurance of providing an efficient integration.

You have the SAP Business One present at the business’s head office with all its ERP capabilities. It will be connected to the head office’s LS Site Manager.

The head office’s site manager will then be connected to all stores through LS One site manager store. Finally, each store manager will be connected to POS outlets in the store.

LS Central for Retail Deployment Services

The retail businesses have the option to install LS One site manager in every store. We recommend there should be at least one present. It’s because it will allow management to access to the back office whenever needed.

We first install a modified version of the LS One Site Manager. The Application comes with an SAP Business One plugin. On the other end, there is the SAP integration package. It contains LS One scenario packets necessary for integration.

Between these two ends, we install LS One site service. It is required to set a direct communication between LS One POS and SAP Business One in real-time.

We also install a data director which is Microsoft’s data replication tool. First, we connect the head quarter’s LS One site manager with the SAP Business One by selecting the company to which you want to connect.

Then we work to transfer the data from SAP Business One to LS One using the integration framework. The required data is then distributed in the stores and all POS systems using data replication through the data director.

Such an efficient deployment allows real-time synchronization between SAP Business One and LS One. Whenever you change SAP Business One’s data, it will be visible on the store POS systems.

LS Central for Retail Implementation Services

LS One for Retail integration with SAP Business One Customization Services

We own an exclusive team that handles the integration between various applications. Our team works to understand the unique requirement of a business before proceeding further. They customize the application as per the business needs. It helps the business to obtain the desired functionality.

In addition to that, we develop the solution as per the geographical requirements. The solution is provided, keeping the local needs into consideration. Furthermore, we make the adjustment by which applications become easier for local employees such as language, unit system, etc.

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LS One for Retail integration with SAP Business One Training Services

Even after the perfect implementation, it is possible that you face confusion. That would happen when you are not aware of the complete functionality of applications and integration.

Therefore, it is necessary to learn each attribute before you start working with it. If you try to learn it on your own, it could be difficult. The way to get familiar with the integration is to take the benefit of our training service.

LS Central For Retail Data Migration Services

In the training service, you can choose whether you want to learn both applications thoroughly or only the basics. However, if you are already well-versed with the applications, we can go with the integration training.

With the integration, there are changes in the data flow and how a few features perform. We make the employees and management familiar with the changes. In addition, we provide knowledge regarding troubleshooting.

Whenever you face an issue, troubleshooting knowledge would play an important role. You won’t need to rely on an external resource for getting out of basic issues.

This would allow better use of integration and reduce maintenance costs. Overall, you can expect a higher ROI by investing in the training service.

LS Central for Retail Customization Services

LS One for Retail integration with SAP Business One Support Services

After you integrated LS One for Retail and SAP Business One, you will need to have support.

Though we provide training to solve minor issues, you still need someone reliable by your side. Whenever something goes wrong, you can call us, and we will fix that for you. If you have difficulty in performing any task, we will be there to help you.

We offer two options when it comes to supporting. With on-site support, our executive will reach your premises to solve the issues. However, when it’s possible to solve the issue remotely, you can take advantage of our remote support.

We will always be a call away. With our support, your downtime will be minimal, and you can focus on your business processes.

Why Choose Web Masters?

Web Masters’ aim is to make your business better than before by providing you top-notch retail management and high-grade ERP functionalities. That’s what LS One for Retail integration with SAP Business One makes possible.

With our experience in integrating both the applications, we can be the best option for you. We have worked for multiple businesses belonging to multiple sectors. That allowed us to learn about different requirements.

The experience allowed us to make our service personalized than before. Now, we exactly know how to identify unique business needs and issues and how to resolve them.

One-time Implementation and Forever Support,

We add value that never lasts!

Our Strengths

  • We have carefully selected a team of individuals who have experience working with SAP and LS Retail. Therefore, if they face any issue during the integration, they can easily counter it.
  • We are dedicated to providing a personalized solution. That means our approach will be unique to your business and business model. That’s a benefit you won’t get from most service providers as they follow a general approach.
  • When working with a service provider, credibility can be an issue. However, you won’t need to worry about credibility with us as we are Microsoft Certified Partners.
Our Strengths


There are several service providers, but most of them were having trouble understanding my business. When I asked questions, they were blank. It was not the same with Web Masters. They knew their job, and they also knew how to explain everything to my employees and us. Glad that we choose them for our LS One for Retail Integration with SAP Business one requirements.

My LS One and SAP B1 were already integrated, but they were not in sync. Then what’s the meaning of integrating them? I reached Web Masters’ with this issue. They detected the fault and eliminated the problem immediately. They saved a lot of revenue, which I could lose. Thank you, Web Masters, for providing us with top-notch LS One for Retail Integration with SAP Business One services.

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