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When it comes to hotels, the experience should be guest-centric. That means whatever activities management conducts should please the guests. For that reason, you need an efficient ecosystem owning artificial intelligence with the ability to automate your hotel operations. LS Central for Hotels is one such product that can optimize the process favoring the revenue and effortlessness. You can choose our LS Central for Hotels consulting services for taking the highest possible benefit of the product.

We offer a broad spectrum of services related to LS Central for Hotels and Resorts. We assure you that after taking our services, your hospitality business will show better growth than before, and it will also reduce your costs, efforts, time, and resources.

LS Central for Retail Consulting Services Needs Assessment

Needs Assessment

It is the initial as well as the most significant LS Central for Hotels consulting services for setting up the application as per your requirements. Under this service, we study your existing business structure and identify what’s lacking.

Architectural Assessment
This includes the examination of the current IT infrastructure of the hotel, including hardware, software, and network infrastructure.
Gap Analysis
Here, we identify the gap between your existing business procedures and the one you wish to have after implementing LS Central for Hotels. We also suggest the ways and means of bridging this gap.
Requirement and Process Review
This stage includes strategy development and solution designing to provide you with optimum results.
Scoping Assessment
After the required solution is designed, we define the roadmap for its implementation on your systems.

LS Central for Hotels Deployment

LS Central for Hotels has three deployment options:

  • On-premises
  • Cloud
  • The hybrid model

The on-premises option gives the ability to keep the data to yourself. With our help, you get the option to store the data on a private cloud or on-premises.

If you do not have any special on-premises requirement, we can provide you with the cloud deployment. In the case of cloud deployment, you won’t need to ask us to upgrade it whenever a new version arrives. Let’s have a discussion to know what the best suitable option for you would be.

LS Central for Retail Deployment Services
LS Central for Retail Implementation Services

LS Central for Hotels Implementation

Implementation service plays a vital role in the future performance of your business. Effective implementation will definitely help to grow your business. Therefore, you must choose a proficient partner such as Web Masters, which owns experience in implementing LS Central for Hotels for different hotel chains.

  • The implementation is conducted according to the roadmap we developed during the scoping assessment.
  • We do the configuration of essential attributes of LS Central for Hotels. This will help you to get started with ease and with no trouble.
  • We can do the on-demand configuration of the job roles by defining the hierarchy system and access levels for employees.

LS Central for Hotels Training

For LS Central for Hotels, we conduct separate training for different departments. For instance, the booking and front desk department will be provided with training related to retail features, storekeepers will get an explanation regarding inventory management, and kitchen staff is made aware of using the exclusive food preparation associated features.

However, a basic idea of the structure of the application and its features is provided to all the staff members. This is helpful at the time when an employee needs to perform the job of another employee during his unavailability.

Our advanced-level training sessions are conducted by veteran LS Central product experts. Therefore, we provide complex knowledge transfer with ease helping your employees to get familiar with the products at a fast pace.

LS Central For Retail Data Migration Services
LS Central for Retail Customization Services

LS Central for Hotels Project Recovery

Issues may arise while working with any software. It could be because of several reasons leading to devastating consequences such as loss of data. We are here to help you recover the entire data for any of your hotel projects.

In addition to recovery, we also find out the cause of the issues you were facing. After detecting the cause, we work to eliminate it, making sure that it doesn’t appear again.

LS Central for Hotels Customization Services

If you choose customization service out of all our LS Central for Hotels consulting services, you will obtain the benefit of getting all the application features aligned with the business processes. The customization is a service unique to each business depending upon several factors such as hotel size, location, facilities, custom-base, add-on services, etc.

  • Before getting started with customization, we will deliver you with different customization options along with their benefits. You can select the one that you find most suitable.
  • As we cater to your unique needs, we will go through each hotel aspect one-by-one, select the related feature, and give your complete details of progress in near real-time.
  • After the job is done, a thorough quality check is undertaken for making sure that the application is aligned as intended.
LS Central for Retail Integration Services
LS Central for Retail Training

LS Central for Hotels Integration Services

LS Central for Hotels seamlessly integrates with different Microsoft products and even with many other ERP software programs. However, doing it yourself could be a bit tricky. You would not be knowing what the best picks for your need are.

We are working as a hotel management system provider for a long time. Our experience has provided us with the knowledge of a variety of software integration with LS Central for Hotels.

It helps businesses to invest only in the right integrations without experimenting with multiple options. Also, you would be free from the distress of the integration process. We will identify the right integration, and after your approval, we will integrate it with LS Central for Hotels.

LS Central for Hotels Data Migration Services

This is a prominent service that Web Masters offers. For instance, if you are using separate applications to handling different attributes of your hotel, this service is for you. This LS Central for Hotels consulting service scrutinizes all your applications, their efficiency, and delivers you with a single platform more efficient than all your applications combined.

We migrate the data stored on all those programs to LS Central for Hotels using smart mapping of fields and bulk upload techniques. The major benefit of this service is now neither you nor your customers will need to deal with different systems for conducting transactions.

LS Central for Retail Reporting & Analytics
LS Central for Retail Support Services

LS Central for Hotels Support Services

If you are having issues with LS Central for Hotels installation, implementation, training or any other matter, you may take advantage of our support service. Besides issues, if your salesperson requires thorough guidance, our executives will be readily available for them. We can provide you with premium support at an affordable price related to all the aspects of LS Central for Hotels.

LS Central for Hotels Reporting and Analytics Services

Reports and analytics act as powerful guiding tools. For LS Central for Hotels, reporting and analytics can help the business to understand a wide range of facts that can be used to run and promote the business in the right way.

We are here to conduct reporting and analytics on your behalf. With powerful AI and integrations, we can find out customer behavior, patterns, your sales flow, and a lot more. We can provide you with the insight to make a positive impact on your business.

LS Central for Retail Resources on Demand
LS Central for Retail Support Services

LS Central for Hotels Resources on Demand

In case you require the support of our resources while using the application, we can provide them on demand. Our staff augmentation service provides specialized resources that have thorough experience of LS Central for Hotels.

We will provide them with additional training as per your business environment so that they can cater to you with higher efficiency. Moreover, you can keep track of each resource to check his working capability and accuracy. That way, you will get the assurance that our resources are proficient.

Why Choose Web Masters?

Web Masters has provided LS Central for Hotels consulting services to multiple hotels having unique requirements. We had clients who wanted us to focus on customer retention without affecting the revenue. We overcame this challenge by defining a loyalty program to retain customers and implement smart retargeting techniques for gaining profit. We have several such examples adding to our experience. Such experiences help us to provide our services to present and future clients in a better way.

Besides LS Central for Hotels consulting services, we also provide services related to Microsoft Enterprise Products. We are Microsoft Gold Partner in ERP and Silver Partner in cloud solutions. Besides that, we own 20+ years of experience in the retail sector. In this period, we have worked with a variety of retail companies and even developed our own retail software applications.

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Our Strengths

  • The experience is our real strength as it has helped us to explore LS Central for Hotels thoroughly. We are even-aware of the lesser-known features and how to put them to your use.
  • The team members are efficient enough to study the entire business structure. Therefore, we can provide you with the best possible solution aligning with your business without a doubt.
  • We have worked with multiple retail software apps. Therefore, if you are migrating from any other software to LS Central for Hotels, it will consume lesser time for us in comparison to other service providers, and you may not even need to stop your operations while we do the migration.
Our Strengths

LS Central for Retail Consulting Services: Testimonials

We were using multiple hotel management software apps; one for booking, one for restaurant, and one for events. That was too frustrating, and there was a huge possibility of making errors. But, after we implemented LS Central for Hotels by using Web Masters’ service, these issues were gone. One product for all; easy management and less burden. Thank You, Web Masters.

I must say that what I liked the most about their services is their efficiency. It took them a concise period to arrange a meeting and complete the implementation. I highly recommend taking the benefit of their LS Central for Hotels Consulting services.

There were several software apps for hotels out there, and the question was which one we should choose. Without a doubt, we have made one of the best investments by choosing LS Central for Hotels. Another best investment was taking the Web Masters’ LS Central for Hotels Consulting services, which recommended the software, implemented it, and also provided training to our staff members.

LS Central for Retail Consulting Services: FAQs

Yes, you can quickly check various business aspects in real-time for all your hotels as every hotel’s data is stored centrally. Furthermore, you can use the app through your mobile. This makes it very easy for anyone to keep a check on business from anywhere.
When the internet connectivity goes down, the synchronization between the POS and centralized database will stop. However, you can still use the application with its full functionality. When the internet gets restored, all the data will get stored centrally.

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