Microsoft Dynamics GP



The one problem with having inventory at multiple sites is keeping track of everything. You need to be prepared to provide stock whenever required from any location and need to be prepared to adjust prices depending on the customer.

Dynamics GP gives you complete control over your inventory, no matter where it’s located.

Why Dynamics GP for Inventory Management?

Inventory management means being well versed with your present stock and utilize it wisely. Dynamics GP’s inventory management tools support this by helping you to :

  • Respond to customer queries faster
  • Understand demand patterns – and what you need to meet demand
  • Sell items more efficiently
  • Get an accurate valuation of your inventory
  • Monitor stock levels and costs

Flexible yet correct pricing

Dynamics GP lets you track and update product costs, or modify costs when they arrive in stock.

Dynamics GP Inventory Management Features :

  • Cycle counts for a more accurate inventory
  • Multiple costing methods
  • Tiered pricing
  • Tracking codes

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