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About LS One for Retail

LS One for Retail has all the features a retail business would require to serve its customers better by making the management more effortless. With our LS One for Retail consulting services, you can get started with LS One in no time.

Our LS One for Retail consulting services includes needs assessment, deployment, implementation, data migration, customization, and many more. You can even choose the combination of two services to get done with your needs.

LS One is a powerful application, not only for managing the retail business but also for growing it. The advanced-level POS and inventory features help to manage the business. On the other hand, the promotions, loyalty program, and reports & analytics help to grow it.

LS Central for Retail Consulting Services Needs Assessment

Needs Assessment

Needs Assessment service is the part of our methodology to make the working of LS One for Retail effective. The service’s main objective is to identify the needs of the retail business.

However, to get knowledge of your needs, we need to understand the current or ‘AS IS’ working of retail processes. Depending on your new business goals, we identify the absence of required features.

We even perform interviews of the members of company management as well as the ground-level staff to know the exact issues which they face while serving the customers. We compile all the issues to find out the overall impact on the retail business. Based on the impact, a strategy is developed to minimize it by implementing LS One for Retail.

Architectural Assessment
It is necessary for us to know the current work process. For that, we go through the present application you use for managing your retail business.
Requirement and Process Review
As per the gap analysis and architectural assessment, we define the solution, which will satisfy your requirements.
Gap Analysis
The gap analysis is conducted to understand the gaps between your current system and LS One and form strategies to bridge the gap.
Scoping Assessment
After the approval of the new solution, we create a step-by-step process to align the new solution with your business.

LS One for Retail Deployment Service

The deployment of LS One for Retail is conducted in two segments: Installation of POS system on desktop and mobile devices and getting started on back-office through the web.

Before getting started with the deployment process, we first make sure that the hardware and network available are suitable for LS One for Retail. Only after that, we perform the deployment service.

If we find that the hardware and network available are not as per the need, we provide you with consultation regarding the system as per your business.

LS Central for Retail Deployment Services
LS Central for Retail Implementation Services

LS One for Retail Implementation Service

Implementation is one of the primary retail solution management services. Effective implementation will define the functioning of your business. We conduct a smooth implementation making sure that your retail functions never need to stop. Our implementation service will definitely enhance the capability of retail operations, allowing you to serve customers well.

  • We perform setting up of LS One for Retail in your various systems based upon the needs assessment outcome.
  • The essential elements of the application are configured to support you while getting started.
  • All the necessary users and associated permissions are set in accordance with your employee hierarchy system. We configure the user rights on a need-to-know basis.

LS One for Retail Data migration

The current retail management system handles the retail business processes. Therefore, it stores the data which requires transferring to LS one. We do it by exporting the data from your current retail software. Then, we perform the mapping of data as per the fields present in different sections of LS One.

Here, we utilize our proprietary techniques for automating the data transfer. This helps us to provide the client with the entire data transfer with lesser time.

LS Central For Retail Data Migration Services
LS Central for Retail Customization Services

LS One for Retail Customization

LS One allows doing customization of its every element as per the retail business goals and branding guidelines. Our retail management consulting team is efficient in doing the customization as per the needs assessment.

  • We design different options for your business, and you can choose the one which fits the most.
  • Our customization is based upon unique needs of your business which may require changes in screens, addition or deletion of fields or suppression of information etc.
  • After the customization process is complete, we carry out a thorough quality check to ensure that it is working as intended.


LS One for Retail Integration

Integrating all the systems efficiently is necessary to provide you with good governance on all your stores. In case you want to integrate LS One for Retail with third-party applications, you get a wide range of options. It is a one-time process that we can perform for you, automating data syncing from one application to the other.

LS Central for Retail Integration Services
LS Central for Retail Training

LS One for Retail Training

Our LS One for Retail consulting Service includes training service also. The application is easy to get started and explore. However, we provide an opportunity for your employees to know the application through an expert.

  • The learning will be divided as per the various sections of LS One for Retail. We will provide information regarding the features of each section and their use in your business.
  • We offer exclusive training to salespeople and store staff to help them conduct fast transactions and deliver optimum customer experience.
  • Training is also provided to your internal IT team to manage the application and run it successfully for years to come.

LS One for Retail Support Services

LS One for Retail usually doesn’t cause any issues. However, there could be instances when you require our support, and we are ready to take that responsibility.

  • We are just a call away whenever any technical error occurs. You can reach us out, and we may provide you instant support through remote access.
  • When you need to conduct a significant change, we are ready to provide you with in-house support.
LS Central for Retail Reporting & Analytics
LS Central for Retail Support Services

Resources on Demand

In case you need the resources that are already familiar with LS One, Web Masters can help you out in this. We have  a team of LS One experts ready to serve the clients by working on-site.

Generally, we provide our clients with an expert who can use give long-term guidance to individuals and keep a check on the retail processes. When the resources are required on a large scale, we can even deliver a complete team, competent in all aspects.

Why Web Masters

LS One for Retail Consulting Services

Our team of retail solution experts has made us successful by giving us hundreds of satisfied clients. For those clients, we have performed LS One for Retail implementation services. We have also carried out LS One for Retail need assessment, configuration, and training services for various clients.

Web Masters’ credibility gets reflected by the fact that we are Microsoft Gold Partner in Enterprise Resource Planning.

With our thorough experience and knowledge of each element of LS One, we can provide you the retail solution exactly how you need it. This helps businesses to grow using LS One, along with reducing time and cost invested in performing operations.

Frustrated with insufficient financial reports

Get reports when and where you need them.

Our Strengths

  • We have a reliable team having all the required LS one professionals: reports and analytics experts, retail operations specialists, etc.
  • Our experience in providing services to clients is not limited to a country or a continent. We have served businesses all across the globe. This supports us to effortlessly understand the unique business needs of retail businesses from different geographies serving different customers.
  • We have come across many challenges, but our determination to provide the client with the best overcame all of them.
  • Our retail management consulting services has a wide range, and therefore, it becomes easier for us to include your needs under our services.
Our Strengths

LS One for Retail Consulting Services: Testimonials

I was planning to switch to LS One for Retail. However, I was worried whether my employees would get familiar with the application or not. I reached out to Web Masters, and they provide me with assurance. I took the benefit of their implementation, configuration, and training service. After training, my employees learned about the application in very little time. I highly recommend Web Masters for LS One for Retail consulting services.
There were several applications, and I was confused with which I should move. In the end, Web Masters convinced me of using LS One for my retail business and implemented it to all my systems. I am thankful to them for their LS One deployment and implementation services.
There was a lot of data, and I wanted to transfer all to LS One. I had newly implemented the application, and the previous service provider did not offer data migration service. We were stuck as the team can’t spend time first to learn and then conduct data migration. Web Master did it for us. They were highly efficient, and it took them very little time to complete the whole service.

LS One for Retail Consulting Services: FAQs

It would be rare to encounter issues. However, if you still face one, we would be there to support you, understand the problem, and remove it consuming the least possible time.
Web Masters provide a wide range of LS One Consulting Services; different services have different pricings. The pricing highly depends on your needs, size of the business, configuration requirements, and the number of systems. You can contact us to get the complete quotation.

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Take benefit of our LS One for Retail Consulting Services.
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