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The latest system to unify your global financials and operations, providing your people with advance knowledge to make fast, informed decisions. We help you adapt quickly to changing market demands and drive business growth.

Dynamics 365 for Sales

Standing at the front line, the sales team must identify the right prospect, tailor their engagement, build relationship, track sales progress and many other activities. They need a system to help them easily manage each process, and Web Masters provides such expertise to help your sales thrive.


  • Record 360-degree view of lead/prospect/client  
  • Keep track of sales performance from leads to closed deals 
  • Personalized graphical dashboards for data visualization and task monitoring 
  • Clear overview of entire sales situation 
  • Make better management decisions and sales strategies 
  • Differential pricing allocated based on customer category  
  • Easily generate quotes and invoices  
  • Set alerts to never miss out any important task 

Get the know-how from us

We optimize your sales procedure

  • Understand the underlying structure of a CRM system to obtain the most benefits
  • Follow guided business processes to maintain a healthy sales cycle
  • Able to tailor processes according to your organization’s needs
  • Set up an integrated platform with Office 365 for easier collaboration

We teach your sales team to get the highest ROI

  • Know how to maintain activities and interactions with customers/opportunity
  • Learn how to tailor engagements to deliver personalized interactions
  • Get to know one point of truth to obtain all context required to close deals
  • Know how to enter the correct input to receive actionable insights and suggestions

We let your sales managers handle an
easier job

  • Get to make decisions using real-time analytics based on historical data  
  • Able to make more accurate reporting to management by monitoring results and predictions 
  • Know how to provide tailored feedback and coaching to sales team based on performance 
  • Shorten time taken for new salesperson to take over opportunities / deals and adapt quickly

Get to sell more with the
right knowledge

  • Learn to identify the right buyers by looking at lead scoring to see conversion likelihood  
  • Get to focus on high priority customers based on signals that reveal relationship health 
  • Know the structure of client company to understand relationships among contacts and identify potential influencers  
  • Create sales playbook to maintain standard and replicate successful techniques

Connect with LinkedIn for
integrated selling

  • Integrate LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Dynamics 365 for Sales 
  • Helps you build relationships using authentic and personal engagements 
  • Identify potential key stakeholders and influencers that you can reach out to  
  • Obtain richer profile data and gain contextual insights

Easily use CRM to
close deals

  • Clean and simple interface that is intuitive to use 
  • Able to edit based on company’s requirement / unique processes 
  • Contextual guidance is provided to guide sellers through every phase of the sales cycle  
  • Training to use CRM is minimized as it is easy for users to adapt

How Web Masters can help with your sales

Your sales team is the bread and butter of the company – you want to boost their performance and remove hurdles for them. Getting Dynamics 365 for Sales is one such way to boost sales performance.

The expert for your sales team

Web Masters is the expert in utilizing and managing Dynamics 365 for Sales – we are more than happy to pass this knowledge to you. Right from the implementation phase, we understand industry standard sales cycle to recommend what’s the best for you.  

We adapt to your business process

Even if you have a unique requirement, we take care of that by providing configuration / customization – just like how you tailor your approach to customers, we can tailor to your needs too.

Buying Dynamics 365 for Sales is not enough without the expertise of Web Masters. Understanding the know-how of the system is what gets you the most benefits.

Invest wisely

Don’t waste your investments on procuring a system that you can’t utilize fully – get in touch with Web Masters for free demo and consultation on how Microsoft Dynamics 365 is relevant and applicable to your business.

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