Customer Service Management

Offer top notch services to differentiate yourself

Let us help you score high service quality

Maintaining top quality service is never easy. Excellent service experience is what makes your customers decide to stay. Web Masters helps you achieve such excellent service quality by tapping on to our expertise.

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Sales get you the customers, but good service retain your customers. Any company who wants to engage their customers for the long term, will have to take service quality and experience seriously. Web Masters is the company you will be looking for to enhance your clients’ service experience.


  • Same platform as Dynamics 365 for Sales for seamless flow of information  
  • Automate service requests to be logged into the system  
  • Fix issues at their root cause by tracking common service requests 
  • Full record of all services provided to clients 
  • Able to track and maintain SLAs to deliver service within time frame 
  • Keep knowledge base in one platform for standardized service quality 
  • Maintain history of services to enable quick on-boarding for new service agent 

Enlighten your customers with great service

Deliver fast and personalized support

  • 360-degree view of customer journey to provide personalized service 
  • Present relevant information for agents to resolve issues 
  • Able to monitor and take actions when warnings happen  
  • Automate routing of cases to the right service agent  

Improve service performance in the long run

  • Analyze agent interactions with customers to improve engagement 
  • Make use of gaming to optimize agents’ performance 
  • Faster on-boarding process for new agents using tailored in-app learning 
  • Use insights to make data-driven decisions for better customer satisfaction and agent productivity 

Make use of insights to take better actions

  • Able to measure service performance across channels for improvement 
  • Able to identify areas for future growth  
  • Increase operational efficiency using case resolution insights and historical comparisons 
  • Visualize customer engagement patterns, service performance and operations 

Build better customer relationships

  • A knowledge sharing portal to track service history for better experience 
  • Gain trust from customers when agents resolve issues without hassle 
  • Customers are able to get the best-suited agents to work on their issues 
  • Automation of service department to optimize performance 

How Web Masters can help your customer service

Service quality is something intangible and not easy to quantify. To enhance customer experience, you need to have the right process in place and guide your agents to deliver what’s the best solution.

We understand your struggles

It is not easy to be in the service industry or provide service to customers. You want to win clients over but not sure where to start in terms of having a structured process in place. Web Masters is who you should engage with to analyze your operations and start implementing a standardized process to offer quality service in the long run.

We offer valuable suggestions and expertise

With Web Masters, you are not alone. You can tap on to our expertise from other projects that we handled to provide you with ideas on how to better your service structure. We understand fully what Dynamics 365 for Customer Service has to offer as a system and translate that into business benefits for you.

We tailor to what you really need

The best thing about Dynamics 365 and being a Microsoft Partner is, we have the ability to customize the system to suit your business. Instead of trying to adapt to the system by changing your processes, simply get Web Masters to do the other way round for you – we want software to work for you, not you working for the software.

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