Project Service Automation

Manage your projects efficiently

Earn better profits with end-to-end solution

Managing project timeline and controlling budget can be a hassle. Web Masters understands your project nature and provide you an integrated solution to perform high quality jobs with ease.

Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation

Every company who performs project service, will definitely need a good system to help them keep track of all progress. Let Web Masters help you to identify areas of improvement when it comes to managing your manpower, materials, resources and costs.


  • Able to have a full view of the entire project   
  • Understand your manpower resources to allocate the teams 
  • Plan out the project timeline with budget control 
  • Monitor clearly project progress and cost consumption  
  • Enable smooth quotation, pricing, and billing of projects 
  • Manage KPIs to determine financial health of company 
  • Perform forecasting to prepare for resource required 
  • Interactive dashboards to obtain clear insights  

Deliver outstanding project experiences

On Time - On Budget

On time, on budget

  • Enhance employee productivity using an end-to-end system 
  • Ensure project deliverables are completed with clear record of work done and expenses involved 
  • Allow managers to monitor and review all costs and time to control the project fully 
  • Execute excellent planning of the project to minimize hiccups in a later stage 
Enhance Efficiency

Optimize resources to enhance efficiency

  • Streamline schedule process by smartly allocate tasks based on relevant skillsets  
  • Real-time visibility of manpower availability 
  • Consultants and sub-contractors can upload skills profile for manager’s easy reference and allocation of resources  
  • Increase billable hours by accurately measure utilization using real-time dashboards 
Empower Employees

Empower employees for better productivity

  • Improve collaboration using audio, video and document management 
  • Respond to scope change or project risks quickly with proper tracking  
  • Simplify time and expense management  
  • Submit, approve and process resource, time and expense in real-time for timely customer billing 
Gain Customer Confidence

Gain customer confidence with technology

  • Understand your customers using deep insights  
  • Integrate with other applications to enhance automation and customer experience 
  • Cloud-based system for higher security and faster process speed 
  • Directly engage customers through a portal to manage all documents and progress 

How Web Masters can help your project management

To manage a good project, you require a system that allows your team to record and track every progress. Deliver your work on-time, on-target and collaborate across teams and clients to achieve the best result.

You need a better process in-place

Every company has their own way of managing projects – some are using traditional methods such as manually entering data to Excel. With Web Masters, we don’t just provide a system by itself, but we provide ideas and suggestions on how you can enhance your project operations by adopting a suitable system.

Let the system adapts to you

Often times, we have seen clients struggling to keep track of projects because they took up a system that is not suitable for their process or job nature. Being a Microsoft partner and with the right coding in hand, Web Masters can fully understand your requirements and business goals to map them clearly into the system.

Sit back and relax

As a project management company, there are too many things on-going at the same time. You don’t have the extra hands to help you deal with other activities such as a system implementation. Web Masters fully understands that and that’s why we come in to make sure your system installation is hassle-free and complete within the project timeline.

Simply drop us a message and we can discuss from there. Any consultation is absolutely free.   

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