Microsoft Dynamics AX

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

With supply chain management you can ensure that you have right products at the right time. You can manage your products purchasing, production and distribution cycle.

Gain Control

Things go awfully wrong when it comes to the management of purchase, production and distribution of the product. But with Microsoft Dynamics AX on board, your supply chain headaches can become a thing of the past.

Make sure are full with products at the correct time

Supply Chain Management helps to connect sales and purchasing processes with production, logistics and inventory management. With the help of Dynamics AX you can access, store and analyze data to improve efficiency, improve actions, lift productivity and make faster and better business decisions.

Features :

  • Provides complete information of all incoming purchase orders and store room deliveries.
  • Provides assistance in processing required warehouse processes for dispatch, transfers and production with flexible formation options.
  • Helps in dispatching shipments to proficiently manage the shipping of goods from the warehouse.
  • Helps in controlling quality and quality management with new inventory blocking feature.

And many more.

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