Microsoft Dynamics AX

Project Management and Accounting

Project Management and Accounting

With Management and Accounting functionality in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 stay on top of your projects as it lets you plan, manage, control and track your organization’s various projects – easily and effectively. This functionality further helps in numerous business models; professional services, funded research organizations, job costing and more.

Design, manage and regulate

Needless to say any business wants to stay on top of project along with keeping expenses in check. This functionality is capable of supporting any business model, it enables you to assign resources, manage direct and indirect expenses, produce and monitor budgets and set up invoicing rules. With Dynamics AX, you and your staff will be able to complete projects on time and on budget.

Features include :

  • Provides helping managing time and material, fixed price, cost, investment and time only projects.
  • It updates project management by providing a full financial overview, project controls and integration with other business management processes.
  • Estimate project funding and budgeting to ensure project does not go astray before submission.
  • Create and manage project through the Enterprise Portal to allow remote access and reduce software installation and update issues.
  • Resource scheduling skill (soft and hard) with skill mapping available at project quotation through to project delivery stage.

And many more.

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