Microsoft Dynamics AX

Procurement and Sourcing

Procurement and Sourcing

Microsoft dynamics AX offers a variety of skills to enable you to do the sourcing and procurement of products across your organization. With Dynamics AX, your cost will reduce, control your expenses and achieve the return on investment.

Increase Revenue

Irrespective of the nature of your company, procurement and sourcing plays a crucial part in the development of any company to reduce costs and provide high return on investment. Microsoft Dynamics AX provides an elaborate range of features to help you in this.

Key Features :

  • You can perform different task online like updating profiles data, uploading catalogue content, submitting invoices, reviewing payments etc.
  • Allow managers to manage overall spending by category.
  • You can establish a unified procurement desk capable of providing support procurement policies and processes.
  • Implement and manage numerous procurement policies and apply to different sets of applications across the business.

And many more.

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