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A stronger security combined with Office 365

What modern companies really need

In this day and age, cyber security issues are at the top of every organization’s mind. We need to beware and tighten our IT security. With day to day usage of Office 365, Microsoft understands the need to help secure customers’ data on top of improving efficiency.

With this goal in mind, Microsoft comes up with Microsoft 365 to cater to companies of all sizes to provide top notch security settings to deal with modern world challenges.

Microsoft 365 – an integrated solution

Microsoft 365 is a holistic package that consists of Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security.

Protection of identity

Protection of identity

  • Multi-factor authentication to keep your users’ log-in credentials 99.9% secure 
  • Protect password intelligently to evoke access from a suspicious location 
  • Central security control by admins using Azure AD 
  • Improve productivity with enhanced security while using SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, or Microsoft Cloud App security  
Protection of sensitive data

Protection of sensitive data

  • Implement an integrated security approach across all devices and platforms 
  • Define sensitivity levels of your information to label documents and configure protection actions 
  • Make use of encryption, access restrictions, and visual markings to enhance protection  
  • Visualize how users access and share sensitive information 
  • Monitor policy violations and risky behavior to revoke access if necessary   
Protection from threat

Protection from threat

  • Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection to protect your entire Office 365 environment  
  • Azure Advanced Threat Protection to identify, detect and investigate threats including malicious insider actions  
  • Provides proactive hunting and visualization of insights to identify and respond to threats  
  • Receive threat signals from disconnected products  
  • Identity-driven security and ideal for modern day workers who work from any app, any device 
Centralized management

Centralized management

  • Safeguard data using intune app protection policies to control Office 365 data on mobile devices 
  • Manage all hardware devices at one single endpoint  
  • Integrated compliance and centralized control to define users’ accessibility to sensitive data within Office and on mobile app  
  • Enforce security policies based on definitions such as user, location, device state, app sensitivity, and real-time risk 
  • Reduce risks using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning from billions of signals  
Gain visibility and insights

Gain visibility and insights

  • Control how data travels to combat cyberthreats 
  • Provide conditional access to control user actions  
  • Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph to offer insights from billions of signals to detect threats  
  • Detect unusual behavior to identify compromised users, high-risk usage, ransomware and react automatically  

Your expert in securing your IT

If embarking on such a project seems too complicated to you, no worries, Web Masters professionals are trained to deploy and teach you how to manage your security better and easier.

Get the know-how from us

To understand so much information at one go may not be easy – that is why Microsoft engage partners like us to help them manage Microsoft clients. We help to implement and pass down knowledge to companies who want to enhance their security with a lower knowledge barrier.

Outsource your hassle

We want to ensure your security and keep you safe. We want to ensure a smooth implementation process that is hassle-free. Let us help your IT team to make sure that everything is running well, and we will always be there to support your team to deal with any technology or security issues.

Simply drop us a message to find out how we can help improve and build a strong security. Free consultation! 

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