Microsoft Dynamics AX

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

With Dynamics AX you can get a fully functional human resource management solution which enables your workers to accomplish their work and reduce the cost and complexity of people management.

Manage hiring process

Needless to say discovering, hiring and managing highest talent can be time-consuming, complex and labor-intensive. But with Microsoft Dynamics AX your workers can reach their potential and reduce the cost and complexity of people management.

Features include :

  • Full recruitment management functionality including recruitment projects, applicant tracking and processing together with mass e-mailing and position publishing capabilities to internal and external web sites.
  • Organizational position hierarchy, job position and job role definition and tracking all date controlled in advance if required.
  • Time and attendance functionality including absence tracking, clocking in and out together with timesheet functionality linked to projects.
  • Skill tracking and skill mapping functions as well as tracking of courses attended and certifications of workers.

And many more.

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