Retail Insight

End-to-end solution for retail, wholesale and trade industry

Better business with a complete retail and financial system

Built with sound understanding of the retail industry, Retail Insight helps to simplify, integrate and streamline business processes cost effectively. Extremely simple to use and easy to learn, it is suitable for small and medium size retailers who like to take advantage of a system to manage their operations. Retail Insight is a flexible solution that adapts to your needs.

Enhance your inventory and
always be in sync

  • Collect customer information on-the-spot at POS level and create customer profile with purchase history 
  • Understand from data who are your loyal customers and what products they bought so as to make smart suggestions based on their preferences and earn revenue 
  • Different customer groups can have different discounts applied so as to differentiate your customers and reward them accordingly  
  • Motivate your customers to come back often to move up the membership tier and enjoy better discounts, rewards or freebies  
  • Allow customers to earn and redeem loyalty points when they make a purchase 
  • Flexible in exchanging loyalty points for cash discount or percentage discount 
  • Customize your own customer loyalty program based on what suits your business the best 

Capable POS to
smoothly run your store

  • Intuitive graphic user interface to easily train retail staff 
  • Easily customize the interface as per your store requirement 
  • Customizable invoice printing  
  • Customer sharing option among stores and track customer information 
  • Support multi-tender transactions including cash, cheque, credit card, debit card 
  • Able to look for customer sales history at the POS level 
  • Robust promotional pricing features make it easy to target preferred customers and ensure accurate pricing at POS 
  • Object-oriented design makes it easy to customize according to your unique business rules and implement an integrated customer-centric business strategy  

Back-end management is
no longer a headache

  • Easily set up special pricing according to items, categories or departments  
  • Manage fixed discount and percentage discount 
  • Create and maintain multiple companies concurrently and consolidate trial balance, balance sheet, and profit and loss 
  • Define reorder level for your stocks to maintain desired quantity and avoid excess stocks or out-of-stock situations  
  • MIS reports are available to analyze performance levels by store, item, supplier, brand and also cash flow information 
  • Synchronize and update data across head office and multiple stores including various geographical locations  

Accounting and financial management
made easy

  • Complete book-keeping, accounts receivable, accounts payable  
  • Affords multiple currency, multiple company, multiple financial year and multiple chart of accounts 
  • Bank reconciliation and account reconciliation  
  • Drill down on trial balance, balance sheet, profit and loss, age analysis  
  • General Ledger, Credit / Debit Note, Period Lock System, PDC Control  
  • Ensure on-time collections and better cash flow  
  • Look at item-wise and bill-wise profitability to identify inventories with high and low margins 

Why Retail Insight?

At Web Masters, we understand the retail industry deeply. We know what exactly you will be looking for and we provide you with the tools to manage your operations smoothly.

No matter if it’s purchasing of inventories or managing your finance, from front-end sales to back-end system – Retail Insight is a simple to use system to help you keep track of every area of your retail business easily.

We have implemented Retail Insight for 145 retail stores, but being in the retail industry for over 20 years providing a variety of retail solutions, we have serviced thousands of retail brands. Our retail professionals always suggest a solution that is deemed the best and most suitable for your retail shop.

It doesn’t mean that the most expensive solution is the best for you, as sometimes it can be an overkill when you don’t require so many complex functions. Let’s have our retail professionals to take a look at your business and understand your processes, before advising on which retail solution suits you the best.