Power BI (Business Intelligence)

Visualize your data like never before

What is Power BI?

Power BI is Microsoft’s business intelligence tool where smart reporting and analysis happen at this level. You don’t need to be an analyst or statistician to decipher numbers and tables – you just need a simple tool to organize and analyze your data for you.

What’s so good about Power BI?

It is easy-to-use

  • Designed for the layman 
  • End users themselves can create their own dashboards and run their own analysis  
  • Do not need to rely on highly technical skills or hire database engineer  
  • Very intuitive and colorful interface whereby it’s easy to navigate around

All-in-one together

  • The ultimate platform for all your data to merge together from various sources  
  • Provide you a summary but also allow you to drill in for details  
  • Deep integration with other Microsoft products, e.g. Microsoft ERP, Excel etc.  
  • You just need one interface to have access to all information across the company  

Personalized report for everyone

  • Each individual can have their own colorful and vibrant report
  • Everyone sees what is relevant to them and can share various reports with each other
  • Highly customizable to cater to different needs
  • Able to drill in further for more information

Low cost, high return

  • It is absolutely FREE to use Microsoft Power BI
  • Even if you want to pay, it’s just USD 10 per user 
  • Simple to use for non-technicians in the company so no learning curve
  • Type in enquiry for fast analysis from artificial intelligence to improve accuracy and save brain power

Why engage Web Masters?

You might think that – I can just install Power BI myself, why do I even need to engage a third party?

If you already have an IT department, no worry, your IT manager can take care of the installation and setting up of data since this part of the job is their thing. However, they may not have the full knowledge on how to use make use of Power BI to its fullest potential.

Or what we call it as – the functional benefits.

They have enough technical knowledge regarding IT, but to transform that technical knowledge to link it up with functional benefits is another skillset. That’s why Web Masters provide our services to not only implement the solution but also to provide training and transfer the knowledge to various departments.

If you do not have an IT department internally, then the more so you will need to engage someone with the know-how to help you install Power BI smoothly. Save all the unnecessary trouble and hassle by hiring someone professional. We have been a Microsoft partner for decades – we know the best way to do things.

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