‘LS One for retail’ exhibits powerful features to manage retail operations. It is one such end-to-end solution for your retail business, which offers an inbuilt inventory management system, loyalty program features, reports, and analytics, etc. Moreover, LS One POS is full of features that one requires to entertain customers with ease.

With LS One’s help, you can also grow your business by retaining the present customers and engaging with the new ones.

LS One for retail
LS One for retail

Talking about SAP Business One, it is a well-structured ERP solution suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. The primary objective of SAP B1 is to automate your business processes related to human resources, financials, and operations.

There are fifteen SAP Business one modules that are divided according to different business operations. That means each

module plays a significant role in handing the related business aspect. For instance, the ‘Financials’ module targets defining the chart of accounts, and here the core journal entries are created.

The primary aim of LS One integration with SAP Business One is to deliver the enterprise with the functionality of handling the retail processes. This eliminates the need to switch to any other application. The company can keep using SAP Business One for handling all its business attributes. LS retail management system will act as an addition to expand the retail-specific functionality.

Why LS One integration with SAP Business One?

LS One integration with SAP Business One

LS One as a product has an exclusive structure to have a high-functional integration with SAP Business One. LS One POS integration with SAP Business One is tried and tested numerous times, providing seamless connection, easy learning, and efficient results.

As the integration is straightforward, there are minimal chances of data loss. Further, you won’t require making any manual entries at the time of integration.

For LS One integration with SAP B1, you need to get the LS One development pack. The pack contains all the necessary plugins for integrating with SAP Business One.

LS One POS integration with SAP Business
The LS One integration with SAP Business One

The standard integration allows you to control the data flow and choose which data you wish to replicate from one application to another. The LS One integration with SAP Business One doesn’t limit the separate use of the application for the sake of integration’s functionality. Therefore, LS One system, as well as SAP Business One, functions the same as before with the additional inclusion of integration.

What Feature do you get with LS One integration with SAP Business One?

Seamless Connection

Your entire LS One ecosystem, including LS mobile POS systems, will be well connected with each other. It’s not limited to a single store, but between different stores as well. All the stores will be further connected to the head office.

Whenever an inclusion, change, removal, customization, etc. will be made in the headquarter, it will be reflected in the POS systems.

Further, as it is connected with SAP Business One, all your changes in your business processes will also appear on the POS and LS One back office. However, you can control which changes you want to appear. Therefore, the integration allows a user to selectively connect the business aspects which are required to be connected.

At the time of no internet connectivity, your retail operations will continue to be productive. They keep storing the data offline. As soon as the internet gets restored, the data gets transferred from the LS one POS to the back office, and it goes to your SAP Business One account, harmonizing your retail processes with your other business operations.

Advanced Analytics

As all your business processes are well connected, analyzing the data becomes simpler. SAP Business One has high reporting functionalities. In addition to that, LS One offers report templates of Power BI, which makes the reporting and analytics exponentially powerful.

Although there are numerous reporting templates, if you don’t find the required one, you can create yours. The Power BI application works in the cloud. Therefore, all your staff members can easily access the pre-defined templates, as well as the one you created. Also, the analytical data can be shared selectively in one go.

Personalized Customer Experience

When you use LS One for retail, there are no worries in delivering personalized customer experience. The POS system will usually have all the details of customer history. That helps the businesses in up-selling and cross-selling of the products as LS One would automatically recommend the products as per the customer interests.

Moreover, LS One can be configured to exhibit a personalized discount by selecting a product, product category, or a department in which the customer would be interested.


Your POS system should scale easily as your business grows. With growth, there must not be a requirement of reconfiguration for multiple times.

LS One for retail can easily accommodate the expansion of your business experiences. Whether you talk about inventory management or the addition of a new store, LS One can integrate the data with the existing business easily.

LS One global version even functions in multiple currencies. You can customize the application as per the region’s requirements, such as specific taxation, billing language, etc.

High Customization

LS One will carry your brand values along with it. Its appearance and functions can be highly customized. If you want, you can change its every single attribute, whether you talk about color, font, language, etc. In addition to the aesthetics, you can configure the back-end precisely as per your business needs.

Web Masters for LS One integration with SAP Business One

It is necessary to choose the right partner for LS One integration with SAP Business One. Web Masters is Microsoft Gold Partner in ERP solutions and Silver Partner in cloud solutions. Therefore, it proves our capability to conduct LS One integration with SAP Business One.

We offer software for the retail industry for more than two decades. Hence, we know about the exact requirement different retail sectors have. We will deliver you with a seamless integration that will make LS One appear as a part of SAP Business One.

We remain updated with SAP Business One and know the ongoing advancements in the software. This allows us to modify our integration process for the benefit of our clients.

Web Masters only aim to render the best possible solution to grow your business by the inclusion of the retail aspect.


What type of data can be shared between LS One and SAP Business One?

LS One and SAP Business One integration allow sharing of:

  • Items, Item Departments, Item Groups, Item Divisions
  • Customers and suppliers
  • Transactions
  • End of Day Procedures and
  • Cash
How does SAP B1 and LS One integration ensures that there’s no duplicate data maintained?

The integration between SAP B1 and LS One is so robust that it allows one to decide where to store the underlying data. Depending upon the configuration made, the integration retrieves data from LS One or SAP Business One.

One has an option to manage all items, prices, etc. in SAP Business One and the system ensures that the data flow to the LS One POS and back to SAP B1 at the end of each transaction. The integration is available for SAP Business One, both SQL and HANA.

Web Masters for LS One integration with SAP Business One


The LS One integration with SAP Business One is one of the best solutions for your retail business. It will remove the multiple stop points between you and customers and let you directly engage with them.

There would be other retail solutions too, which you can integrate

with SAP Business One. However, those options won’t be exclusively built considering the integration with SAP B1. LS One for retail owns a structure that makes it preferable more than any other application.

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